Monday, 12 September 2011

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The Sims Social Personalities Guide

When you first create your Sim within The Sims Social online Facebook computer game, one of the biggest decisions is which Personality to give them. Along with gender and their look, players usually pick something that matches their own real life traits. However we struggled, as we wanted to give our Sim character the best possible start to life within Littlehaven and the games virtual world.

To be quite honest choosing your Personality within The Sims Social is not that important. Personality Types don't influence that much what happens in the game and usually are limited to some none social and social interactions and that's it. For example when your Sim avatar is left alone with the Athlete Personality he'll spin a basketball or a Socialite will have a quick glass of champainge. 

Here is a quick run down of some of the interactions and perks provided by each Personality Trait in The Sims Social so far:

  • Socialite: These Sims Love to be the center of attention! They can Toast with friends and are very fun to be around with! 

  • Rocker: Masters of the guitar and great singers - music is a REALLY fun thing for them and they can perform Air Guitar with friends! 

  • Romantic: Natural charmers. Falling in love has never been easier! 

  • Introvert: Not the most social folks around, they can have the ability to Introspect 

  • Tycoon: They care a lot about money. 

  • Geek: You own your personal laser sword and can even put on laser fights with friends. Also you can perform the action 'Download Cheat Codes' on your computer to earn XP and Simoleons.

  • Athelte: These Sims love sports and life's a challenge for them.

  • Creative: They love to paint and that makes them happy. They're creative. They always see the bright side of life. 

  • Villain: If you want to be the bad guy (or girl), this is the personality type for you. They some how find it funny to do bad things and are pretty good at it! The action 'Pickpocket' is available to neighbours with this personality.

    1. Well good to know it's kind of useless. I have a socialite sim and i think the idle champagne drinking animation shows up at the wrong time and leads me to believe my sim is a flaming alcoholic.

    2. It influence your tv channels! :)

    3. Villain personality gives you the option to "Pickpocket" a friend. The symbol is the Villain face, the animation is a hug and if it succeeds, it gives ++ to friendliness, if it fails, it's --. The action may drop fury. After a pickpocket, even a successful one, the option to apologize (just like you had insulted them) is available.

    4. I have a Geek personality sim and they can do the action "Download Cheat Codes" on the default computer and rack up nice Simoleons and XP ... :)

    5. Is it possible to change your personality without SimCash? I had a glitch when I first started that made the game freeze and not load, but when it finally did, everything was already in place. I wasn't even aware you could change personalities until a friend told me he was surprised I didn't pick geek. Plus romance isn't my best ability HA!

    6. Hey, so I have a question. Does having a dif. personality effect you XP maximum? I'm level 29 and and have 15 XP max. However some friends of mine have level 1 and 17 max XP. Alos, I got 2 SimCash while a lucky friend got 112(yes, 112) SimCash when starting the game.

    7. my sim's got the tycoon as her trait... cause I believed it would give me a better simoleons drop but I dont think it did hehe... sim got the extra action when interacting with neighbors called "show of wealth". even so I usually have to do several other interactions before it shows up as a choice...

    8. Apparently the athletic trait gives you the ability to unlock higher levels on the athletic skill items. I wish I'd known this when I started. I have the geek personality (of course), which is absolutely useless, since downloading cheat codes gives me a whopping 10 simoleons - I can get more than that on any skill item.

    9. not true, it does affect in some actions' chance. For example I am villian and my GF almost never can woohoo with my sim. She is romantic and I almost always do woohoo.

      It does affect more than noted here.

    10. I would also like an answer to whether you can change your Sim Personality without using Sim Cash. Initially when I started playing you could, but now it appears like you can't. Is there a way?

      Also, my Romantic Sim female keeps popping up a message saying her Personalities are conflicting and it makes her not able to raise her needs! This is BAD! So I want to change personalities but I have no Sim Cash!