Monday, 19 September 2011

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The Sims Social Stacking Guide

Since around the first week of launch in The Sims Social, players have been stacking their furniture and items to create unique bespoke creations for their The Sims Social homes. We've never touched upon it before but we've had many requests for a simple guide explaining how. The first technique is called Bush Stacking, basically you will need 3x Coffee Tables and a garden bush:

By using this technique you can use your imagination and create tones of new great inspirational house designs in The Sims Social simply by stacking items. You can even cover the roof of your home with Clover Leaves by using the same technique but in a slightly different way:

The process is quite simple, all you have to do is place an object on top of the other, just like you would place a Table Lamp on top of a Coffee Table. You can even place a Toilet on top of the Fridge! Stacking items in The Sims Social is an easy concept however it can take many attempts and skill to really build your creation, but it can be done. Here's an example of item Stacking in full effect to create a brand new designer TV Cabinet:

So don't hesitate. Get stacking immediately and make sure you send your unique creations to us here at The Sims Social Fansite via our Forum. If it's crazy and unique, you can bet your bottom dollar that we'll showcase it to the entire The Sims Social world.

Some images where taken from The Playfish Forum & Thanks to EJ23.


  1. hope there's a video tutorial :)

  2. Video on stacking here:

  3. I only succeeded stacking cubic bushes, and one clover to look like a vine, above the door, and now I can't do it again, I'm pissed :)

    1. For Everyone:
      When I first started doing the "stacking method" it didn't go very well. Items that were suppose to be stacked ended up stuck to the stacking tool I made, instead of where I wanted them. I'd spend hours creating something and when I was done, I figured out a better way to create it or think of a better item to use. THen I would have to re-do the whole project all over again. It was frustrating at first. Sometimes I couldn't get the stack tool in the place I needed it because other objects were blocking the free space on the ground/floor where the stacked object was to go.
      It takes patience and determination. Some items seem to be easier to work with than others. Some things turn around after they are stacked on an object. Some of the dolls/toys/characters turn instead of staying the position you planned on. It's a challenge but it can be done. I had one of the porcelain dolls from the "Mary Antoinette Quest." Tried placing the doll on a chair in the living room. Where she should have been facing forward, that would be sideways to our view, she kept turning 1/4 turn the other direction after I clicked on the screen (the part that shows you to click on it to set object on object.. This happens with other objects too. Keep trying.
      In the beginning...
      when you are new at doing something...
      it may seem difficult.
      When you're a pro at something...
      it will seem like it's easy every time you so it.
      Don't give up!
      Don't stop til you get what you want!

  4. please help me. how will the room elevated?

  5. It doesn't work anymore...fix it