Tuesday, 13 September 2011

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The Sims Social Energy Guide

Are you finding yourself short of energy while playing the Sims Social game? Well there is a small solution for this. Whenever you help a neighbor they send you a +1 energy, these energies can be found in your backpack. Incase you don't know where your backpack is, you can locate it by clicking on craft and then backpack. you will see three energy icons (only if they are available in your backpack), the +1 (candy bar), the +3 (small coffee cup), you will only see the +5 (larger coffee cup) if you have one crafted.

+1: You receive these whenever you help a neighbor, however you can send these to all of your neighbors and when the gift is accepted by your neighbors one will be returned to you as well from each person that accepts the gift. You may send one gift a day per neighbor, 30 at a time but you may repeat this action periodically.

example: if you send out 30, & all 30 are excepted you will receive 30 back. (located in your backpack) after you accept the request.

+3: You receive these from helping your neighbors as well. Since this is my personal observation, I'm not sure as to what specific tasks you help with that will give you the +3 (still researching)

+5: You can craft the +5 by using 8 Goodwills, 7 Loves, & 3 Buzzes. These are items you receive from interacting with other sims, in conversation, doing a good deed around their house, & even flirting with them. Also you may want to hold off on crafting the fun potion & inspired potion, because it takes Love & Goodwill to craft them as well.

Another item in your backpack you may want to take a look at is the cleaning collection which you can craft using 4 Cloths, 4 Gloves, & 4 Dusters. These items can be retreived by rummaging trashcans, & cleaning things around your house & even a neighbors home. Using this item will give you +3 energy as well as 150 simoleons.

Another way to gain energy is to visit your neighbors. Whenever you visit someone you recieve five bonus energies, if  you use all five bonus energies you recieve the gift of +1 energy. If it's your first visit you recieve + 3.

However you can also purchase energy with simcash, +10 costing you 9 sim cash, & +15 costing you 12 sim cash.


  1. I use a lot of the cleaning collection and I get plenty of those cleaning products from doing art at a high level

  2. It's not supposed to be:
    gift is excepted by your neighbors one will be returned to you as well from each person that excepts the gift.

    It's supposed to be :
    gift is accepted by your neighbors one will be returned to you as well from each person that accepts the gift.

    There's a big difference between excepting and accepting.

  3. Thanks for the spelling correction...
    that means you actually read it... lol

  4. One way to save energy; use your skill items when you have to but don't use anything else in your house ever. I refill my meters at my neighbors house always. It saves energy from having to clean and repair, and if you play often this saves a LOT of energy, I'd say at least 5-10 a day which equates to a lot of simoleons a week.

  5. +3 give the first levels level up (PE LVL)