Thursday, 27 October 2011

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Happy Halloween Quest Guide

Another Thursday and another Quest, and it is apparently the last of the Halloween Quests. That is no surprise really seeing as next week will be after the 31st October. With it being the last, The Sims Social is departing its ghouls and ghosties in a big way, with a party! The Happy Halloween Quest is pretty easy all round and doesn't require many Ingredients or much help from your friends via your Facebook feed. The developers have stuck with the 4 Day time limit as with all of the previous Halloween Quests in The Sims Social and again rewarded players who complete it within this time scale an Exclusive Halloween Tree. Here is the quest Walkthrough to help you if you run into a bit of a pickle:

Neighbours Needed: 6 Minimum
Social Points Needed: 500
Simoleons Needed: 500
Ingredients Needed: 5 Toads, 5 Glass Eyes, 5 Trick & Treats, 5 Witches Hats
Objects Needed: Skull Face Mask, Phone, Fridge, Computer, Haunted Skill Items
Difficulty: 1/5


*Type Flyers
Use your Computer to Type 5 Flyers, you can type 5 in a row.

*Spread The Word To Other Sims
Visit 3 Neighbours Houses and use action 'Spread The Word' on them

*Place Flyers on Refrigerators and Mailboxes
You can place them on your own fridge and mailbox which should leave you with 3 which you can do in conjunction with spreading the word.


*Buy 3 Outdoor Halloween Decorations
Click 'BUY NOW' or then can found under the 'Outdoor' section. Our favourites are 2 Zombie Hands and Witches Broomstick.

*Place 3 Outdoor Halloween Decorations
Simply place the 3 outdoor decorations you purchased outside your Sims home.

*Have Toads
If you don't already have enough Toads, you can collect them from taking pictures of them in your garden or they randomly are given from Haunted Skill Items like Haunted Easel, Haunted Organ etc.


*Buy 3 Indoor Halloween Decorations
Click 'BUY NOW' or then can found under the 'Decorations' section. There is loads to choose from and most cost under 300 Simoleons or 75 Social Points.

*Place 3 Indoor Halloween Decorations
Simply place the 3 indoor decorations you purchased in your Sims home.

*Have Glass Eyes
If you don't already have enough Glass Eyes, you can collect them from taking pictures of ghosts in your garden or they randomly are given from Haunted Skill Items like Haunted Desk, Haunted Organ etc.


*Ask 2 Of Your Friends For Costume Suggestions
Share post to Facebook wall and ask 2 friends to click it

*Buy The Skeleton Mask
Go to 'Clothes Shop' and find the 'Skull Face Mask' in the Special or Head section. Beware there are two, buy the 350 Social Points one and not SimCash mask.

*Have Witches Hats
If you don't already have enough Witches Hats, you can collect them from taking pictures of creepy things in your garden or they randomly are given from Haunted Skill Items like Haunted Easel, Haunted Desk etc.


*Wearing Your Halloween Mask and a Costume, Trick 4 Different Sims
Make sure you are wearing your 'Skull Face Mask' and you can wear your 'Spectral Robe' from the Once Bitten... Quest. Visit 4 Neighbours and use the 'Trick' action on them. You can combine these visits with the other Treat Task in the same home.

*Have Trick & Treats
If you don't already have enough Trick & Treats, you can collect them from taking pictures of creepy things in your garden or they randomly are given from Haunted Skill Items like Haunted Cauldron, Haunted Easel etc.

*Wearing Your Halloween Mask and a Costume, Treat 4 Different Sims
As above with the Trick Task, Wear your 'Skull Face Mask' and a Halloween Costume and use the 'Treat' action on 4 neighbours. Do the 'Trick' and then 'Treat' action together to save time.


*Buy 3 Halloween Refreshments
You must purchase 3 Halloween Food and Drink Items from The Sims Social store under the 'Kitchen' section. Some of the best and cheapest are Slime Pie, Eyeball Cupcakes and Halloween Punch.

*Place 3 Halloween Refreshments
Simply place the 3 Halloween Refreshments you purchased in your Sims home.

*Eat Treats with Friends
The easiest way to complete this task is to visit Bella and Eat her Halloween Refreshments like her Halloween Punch. You can do all 6 in one go without getting bored and only using 1 Energy if you want to do it quickly and not have to visit numerous neighbours.


*Wearing Your Mask & Halloween Costume, Do A Dance With 6 Other Sims
Make sure you are wearing your 'Skull Face Mask' and visit 6 different Neighbours and perform action 'Do Halloween Dance' on them. Also try and use their phone to help complete the other Phone task and kill 2 birds with one stone.

*Have 2 Friends RSVP To An Invitation To Come And See Your Haunted House
Share post to Facebook wall and ask 2 friends to click it

*Phone 6 Other Sims To Tell Them About Your Party
You can only do this once per phone, try and coincide it with the above Do A Dance task to safe time and visits. You can also perform the 'Phone Other Sims About Party' action on your own phone.


  1. been there, done that, got the Tree...all happy now! Keep them

  2. This week the reward is a bit disappointing, I expected something nicer for the last Halloween week instead I think I will neither do the quest to unlock that tree.

  3. The tree doesn't work as an outdoor decoration. At least not for me or the members of our SS group on FB.

  4. I'm having trouble with part 2. I buy the outdoors stuff from the new things, but the game doesn't register that I bought it.

  5. done and done.
    got my tree nao, i love the cute lil spidy hanging on it haha putted it next to my bloody (mini) lake :D


  6. I'm having the same problem as Anon #3 - I've bought stickers, a mat, the broom, and all 4 jack-o-lanterns, and NOTHING is registering as having purchased outdoor decorations. I placed the bush I had in my storage, and that registered as placing a decoration, but that's it.

  7. You have to pay attention to the categories required to work.

    For the buying 3 Outdoor Halloween Decorations task, at first I bought some Halloween food and the game didn't register that I bought it. Then I bought random outdoor stuff - a square bush - and it didn´t register either.

    Then I realised you have to pay attention for BOTH categories to get it to work: gotta be Outdoor, Indoor, Food AND Halloween stuff.

    Then it worked fine :)

  8. You have to go to the outdoors section and find the halloween items

  9. Finished the quest.. however.. since this morning.. my cuckoo clock has disappeared..not on my wall or in my storage?? and my game is not loading to well..(blue circles everywhere) :( I had no trouble uptil then.. I wonder if its happening to others??

  10. ^ Just buy three pieces of rotten fences, it worked for me. They're cheap @30 sp. As for the cuckoo clock, I got the same problem. It just disappeared!

  11. So what, if you bought these items before you did the quest you have to do it again?

    I don't see why the developers can't make code this so the games will detect items you already have like they do with the craft items.

    Quests are really becoming a waste of time. I'd rather just have the halloween party. The tree is cool, but not THAT awesome.

  12. I am having issues on the "happy halloween" quest i have no trick actions only treat which i have already completed PLEASE HELP

  13. it's impossible.. can't do nothing.. nothing works.. !!!! can't go any neighbour !! There are only blue rings.. sigh..

  14. I bought the 2 hands and the broom but it only shows that I only have 2/3 =\

  15. Having blue ring problems as well. It's mostly all of the Halloween items, but is also including other items. Same problem with going to friend's houses. Hard to get quests completed.....FIX THE DANG GAME ALREADY EA!!!!! So annoying, and I'm running out of patience......

  16. Same here, nothing works, blue circcles everywhere...:(

  17. I was really disappointed because I decorated my house for Halloween only to find out I had to buy everything again! Now I can't get anything to load- those lovely blue rings everywhere. Even my neighbors are blue rings so I can't interact with them. The items in the shop are blue rings so that I can't buy anything (even though I bought the requirements before the quest; grrr). This game is getting to be such a pain. I barely play anymore, but I wanted to get the Halloween items. I really hope they fix this game before Christmas!!!

  18. STOP THE BLUE RIIIIINGS.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Inefficient bumptious EA !!!

    You pretend to be at the first place in the ranking of on line games in Fb.. mhuahuahuahuahua

  19. I'm having problems at part 6 of the Happy Halloween Quest. The game hangs when I purchase the Halloween Refreshments (error 3215). I can't move on with the quest. Please help! :(

  20. If you have extra phones in storage, you can pull those out for part 7. I had 5 phones in storage (don't ask) and one in my house. I just used each one :)

  21. My biggest problem is getting people to click on my posts. I am stuck on part 4 with only 1 click needed and 3 days left in the mission. I wish they would let you post for help more than once every 24 hours, especially on timed missions. My posts are getting buried and lost with other games' posts.

  22. same blue ring problem can't purchase the refreshments . . . so frustrating

  23. So now I'm running into a problem on step 4. I buy the mask, and then a few seconds later I get the message that the game's run into a snag and has to reload - of course, when it reloads, I don't have the mask.

    I'm wondering if it's because I'm also on the last step of the 'Get A Whole New Look' quest, where I have to buy 5 new clothing items. The mask will show as one of the 5 items as well as completing the step of the Halloween quest, and then... crash.

    Anyone else having the same problem? And yeah, the blue circles were KILLING me last night.

  24. I can't seem to trick my Sims friends. I have done treating them though. Does anybody has the same problem?

  25. i have the same problem. I have done treat to my sims friends, but i can't do trick action.
    When i interact whith sims friends option ''trick'' does not appear at all!

  26. I can't seem to buy any items which is stopping me from finishing this quest. I've tried buying the halloween food items about 4 times and the reload box comes up every time.

  27. I'm having problems with #4. "ASk 2 of your friends for costume suggestions" it didn't share my request for my friends and it doesn't show the button to make a new request. Argh!

  28. I have a problem with the skullface mask i buy it the one for 350 social points and i complete the quest and then i go on to the next part and it says "oops we hit a snag.. try refreshing your browser. fingers crossed! (3215)" only have 2 days left on this too..

  29. I bought the mask and a error message keep coming when is it going 2 be fix????

  30. WHat happens to the halloween items after monday? Should I sell the stuff in case it disappears?

  31. Now that the Halloween quests are over, can I already sell all the Halloween stuff I bought?