Monday, 17 October 2011

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The Sims Social House Value Guide

Have you made it to The Sims Social Character XP Level 50? Well if so, then you may want to strive to achieve to become Level 50 in House Value too. Below is a guide to the values needed to level up your The Sims Social home.

For example if you are currently Level 35, you will need to add an extra +21,000 House Value onto your home to reach Level 36. The Maximum level at the moment is Level 50 for houses with over 1 Million House Value. We will keep this guide updated as The Sims Social release future updates:


House Level

House Value

Value Added
Level 229000
Level 330,000+1,000
Level 431,500+1,500
Level 533,500+2,000
Level 636,000+2,500
Level 739,000+3,000
Level 842,500+3,500
Level 946,500+4,000
Level 1051,000+4,500
Level 1156,000+5,000
Level 1261,500+5,500
Level 1367,500+6,000
Level 1474,000+6,500
Level 1581,000+7,000
Level 1688,500+7,500
Level 1796,500+8,000
Level 18105,000+8,500
Level 19114,000+9,000
Level 20123,500+9,500
Level 21133,500+10,000
Level 22144,000+10,500
Level 23155,000+11,000
Level 24166,500+11,500
Level 25178,500+12,000
Level 26191,000+12,500
Level 27204,000+13,000
Level 28217,500+13,500
Level 29231,500+14,000
Level 30246,500+15,000
Level 31262,500+16,000
Level 32279,500+17,000
Level 33297,500+18,000
Level 34316,500+19,000
Level 35336,500+20,000
Level 36357,500+21,000
Level 37379,500+22,000
Level 38402,500+23,000
Level 39426,500+24,000
Level 40455,500+29,000
Level 41489,500+34,000
Level 42528,500+39,000
Level 43572,500+44,000
Level 44621,500+49,000
Level 45675,500+54,000
Level 46734,500+59,000
Level 47798,500+64,000
Level 48867,500+69,000
Level 49941,500+74,000
Level 501,020,500+79,000


  1. I'm currently only at level 29. Sigh... :\

  2. Im a 50 level and my home value is 240k :S

    1. I think you mean that your sim level is 50. If you are at a HOME VALUE level of 50,m you would have 1,020k. You have a home value of 240k, meaning you are at home value level 29. Home value levels and sim levels are different things.

  3. How come my house is 132k or something and two of my friends who where on 92k one day suddenly they raised up to 32,092K I know for sure they didnt purchased any sim cash and their houses look exactly the same. Hoy did they do it?
    Are they cheating?

  4. I'm on level 50 with house value of 251k. Guess I need to do some upgrading lol I'm working on unlocking my last land expansion :-)

  5. NO they are not cheating... it's just a new glitch in the game.

    Some of your friends have 31k plus their real HV but it's not for real.

    For those of you who would like to experience, what it is like to have one time the highest House value here is the procedure:

    Send flowers to your neighbours!
    1 time 50 geranium the other time 50 pansy and so on. This way the games saves the progress and your sendings are counting.

    If you send those flowers you will get them as regift as well and this raises your house value 399§ each flower you get back.

    The more friends you have the quicker you will get the desired 'extravagant' level with roses in front of your door.

    But ATTENTION ! You only have a storage of 500 items right now... so if you get that many flowers you soon will have a value like 1000/500 items and more.
    This can happen because these freegifts are not counting to the normal item limitation.

    And if you want to buy again normal houseitems from new gameadditions again you have to SELL so many flowers that you come UNDER 500 items again.

    But it's no lost action. Do the maths... if you sell 100 pansy again you get 3900§ simoleons... 1000 = 39000§.

    If you do it that way, you can experience having a high housevalue and if you have to drop down again for buying the new items of the week you have instantly the cash you need to buy high value items :D

    It's worth a try ;)

  6. I'm Level 50, play daily and have purchased Sim Cash and my house is full -- yet I'm only 490K house value. How I am supposed to double that??? I've been level 50 for about two weeks -- such a waste of experience!!! I'm a die-hard Sims fan, but how is EA game giving us incentive to keep playing the game when setting such astronomical goals for us???

  7. I think that might be a bug because it happened to one of my friends too even though they haven't been playing the game at all.

  8. Im wondering the same as Lucy MacZombie! Is this another glitch in the game?

  9. I'm level 30 with a 80k house :) which means that my house is level 15 :)

    So for all you people out there thinking because their level is high and wondering why their house level is so low and finding it weird! It;s because your Person level, and house level are two different levels :) So I'd be a level 30 person, with a level 15 house, because I don't buy much XD

  10. My house level is dropping. Does anyone know why? I buy really expensive items. Very disappointing.

  11. 1 more level to go before my house reach the level 50 with 1020K value xD started playing Oct 9th. cant wait to finally reach the goal =D

  12. I'm just level 28 and my house level 25 its just not a big difference
    much succes for people that have a bigger difference

  13. Im on 17th level

  14. Im at 50 level and my house value is 490k house level 41

  15. I am at level 50 and 1,071k I haven't had anything added to my level. Who do I notify?

  16. Treehouse Charms said... WOW thankyou :D :D great tip :D

  17. i have 387k and i'm level 50

  18. I'm on level 50 and my house value is 260!!! :)

  19. My house is higher level than my sim... :D 30lv house- 28lv sim!
    Im derka storm if anyone needs friend feel free to add me. I'm adding everyone!!!

  20. im level 56 player and 42 house :)

  21. level 80 player...1,o20 house...

  22. What is the highest house value?

  23. The reason for any difference between the numbers is that my player levels up on xp (skills/quests), my house levels up on the amount of money put into it. They are 2 different ways of ranking, it all depends on how you spend your time playing

  24. 556 K at level 59 got stuck for 2 weeks ay level 50

  25. please add me 1300k level 73 about to be 74

  26. they should add more quests bored since they ended

  27. me in level 50 with 1050 ...why???

  28. level 75 house value 941400 it won't go up anymore even if i buy things. and i finished the pool quest in time :(

  29. introduce more levels!

  30. Can someone explain what the point of the house value to me? I missed it somewhere I guess and still can't find it. I have a lvl 51 char. and a lvl 42 house. Just like decorating my houses :). Built a castle out of my original home, beach is still a beach house and my penthouse is done in reds, blacks, and whites with some old world mixed in. Working on opening the new scary castle. I realized that if you work twards certain points in quest you dont have to spend cash to get some of the expensive items. They give them to you.