Monday, 31 October 2011

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Top 10 Halloween Items Guide

It's Halloween today and afterwards most of us will say goodbye to our collection of the last four weeks Special Seasonal Halloween Items in The Sims Social. Each week us here at The Sims Social Fansite have tried to filter out the best creepy items from The Sims Social store that will give you some form of advantage in game play amongst the more beautiful and unique decorations in our weekly 'Fansite Picks'. As Halloween draws to a close we thought we would sift through those and pick out the Top 10 Halloween Items:

10 - Trans-Van Turn

The Trans-Van Turn is one of the better beds released since launch and will only set you back 2000 Social Points which will in turn raise your House Value by +5350. The Trans-Van Turn doesn't have to be put away when Halloween passes by either as with the right bedroom decor this grand bed can look stylish and cool all year round.

9 - Witch's Broomstick

Arriving just before the close of Halloween, again the Witch's Broomstick will look just fine in your kitchen after Halloween if you have that homely cottage feel to your The Sims Social house. With a cool 'Hop On' action to raise your 'Fun' need and a low price tag of 1750 Simoleons it's a bargain. You can also raise your 'Hygiene' need if you are desperate at the cost of 1 Energy. Overall we love it for it's animation.

8 - Haunted TV

The Haunted TV has been around for a couple of weeks but its grand style and creepy animations places it in our Top 10 Halloween Items this year. It doesn't do much more than any other TV in The Sims Social but for 1500 Simoleons it's a steal. It'll raise your 'Fun' need and if you flick it over to the special 'Horror Channel' you can scare your Sim so much that they'll need to wee! If you've been completing the Halloween Quests then you'll have this. It won't neccesarily need to be put away after this spooky season because it could fit the right home all year round or be placed in storage until next year.

7 - Haunted Organ

The Haunted Organ will allow you to Level Up some more Skills as part of the special seasonal Halloween Skill Items. There were four this year with two making our Top 10 including this Music Skill object. It has some cool animations and music when playing it and it really is a show piece in your home. Once you unlock all of the Skill Levels to The Haunted Organ you'll unlock an even snazzier Gold Inferno Organ. Plus it adds 5200 House Value.

6 - MSS Well Of Fear 

The MSS Well of Fear will cost you 500 Social Points but it will last you all year round as well as adding 1150 House Value. It is a brilliant item to raise your 'Sleep' need whilst at a distance from your bed and adds some pretty creepy animations too. We don't think it'll be in everyone's Top 10 but we think it's unique and adds a touch of class to any garden.

5 - Thingymajig 

Need to raise some 'Fun' with a crazy mad scientist device? Then you need a Thingymajig... obviously! This item we feel has been overlooked by many players. It won't stand the test of time out of season unless you have a brilliantly creative mind or are a tad bonkers but it will raise your 'Fun' need with a simple zap. It's a tad more costly but it's unique and our writers love it!

4 - MSS Hoojamaflip 

Team this item with the Thingymajig and they make the perfect couple, like two zombie peas in a zombie pod. Again if you've been completing your Halloween Quests then you'll own one of these handy pieces of machinery. It will definitely become a Rare item in the future as it's a Quest Exclusive plus will add a very modest 3050 to your House Value. The best part comes when your Sim is completely shattered but with one tiny zap he will be wide awake!

3 - Haunted Easel 

You'd be mad not to own The Haunted Easel. It had a few problems when first released but with it you can gain some Exclusive Halloween Items that come in the form of spooky paintings that can only be unlocked when you Skill Up your Halloween 'Painting' Skill with this Easel. Just like the Haunted Organ you'll also unlock a Limited Edition Gold Inferno version after you've earned some valuable Simoleons from it. Your The Sims Social art room needs this item.

2 - Sunflower 

Not released into The Sims Social store, The Sunflower was a gift from EA's other Facebook game 'Plants Vs Zombies' for reaching a Facebook 'Like' benchmark. It makes some amazing noises, is very cute and will allow you to 'Cultivate' to raise 'Fun' and at the cost of 1 Energy can raise that important 'Social' need. Plus it will be very hard to fall upon later in time.

1 - L.Simnovorii 

In at our Number one for The Sims Social Halloween Items Top 10 is a Crazy Cow Plant... who would have thought it! Loads of reasons to buy this one, it's cheap at 500 Social Points, it's one of the most unique items in The Sims Social at the moment, you can raise your 'Fun' need with it and for Free you can also raise that important 'Social' need which is a rarity. It has some amazing animations but the problem lies in what your going to do with it after Halloween? Sit him next to 'Sunflower' in your pretty garden and it's a match made in heaven.

We hope this has helped you make some important decisions or last minute purchases to help you master your The Sims Social game. Do you own any of the above? Do you own them all? Which will you be keeping  after Halloween? Do you agree with our Top 10? Did we miss one of your favourites out? Loads of questions and we'd like to hear from you! Share your thoughts via our Facebook Page, Twitter, Forum or in the Comments section below.


  1. Can't find the Thingymajig, anywhere in the shop? Not available anymore?

  2. The Thingymajig should be in the shop under the decoration section... really far back in the pages of decorations..
    At least it was earlier today.

    Any idea when this stuff is leaving the market? I'm worried it will leave before I can afford some of it.

  3. Nope its still there, Page 23 in the Decorations section ^_^

  4. ^ It's in decoration section, page 20 or so..

  5. I own number 9, 8, 4, 3, 2, 1. I think I got one or so from completing the Halloween quests. I like the cow plant it's awesome! haha. And the sunflower is cute with the way it bobs around. :)

  6. I was very annoyed with the easel- the paintings you unlock were for real cash only. What is that? LAME.

  7. I think one of the best Halloween items was the mirror.. if you click "Chat" it only uses one energy yet it restores the social to the full green no matter if it is black/red/orange.. it saves me so much time to get inspired for practically free every time.. only 1 energy! no hassle of having to visit neighbors or invite people over and use even more energy!

  8. L.Simnovorii easily 1st, will he comeback next week/s, all the Haunted items are just amazing, Tv been the best-