Thursday, 17 November 2011

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Earthling, What Is... WooHoo? Quest Guide

As part of Sci Fi week the Quest is to teach your new little alien friend about being a Sim and help get him back home. All in all the Quest is rather simple and not that expensive after the first couple of parts. It may take some players a considerable amount of time to collect the new Alien Ingredients but if you have plenty of Energy saved in your backpack you can bypass the need to ask friends.

Another goal of the Quest is to add 3 New Neighbours which will not sit well with many of The Sims Social players that do not like to add random people via Facebook. The quest should take the more hardcore The Sims Social players around 2 hours but for the casual gamer should easily be able to complete all 7 Parts within the allotted 5 day time frame.

Neighbours Needed: 8
Maximum Social Points Needed: 0
Maximum Simoleons Needed: 4600
Ingredients Needed: 6 Goodwill, 13 Energy, 10 Hammers, 12 Alien Fury, 12 Alien Love,
Objects Needed: Universal Translator Doobrie, 3x New Clothing Items, Computer, TeleScopeOut 2020, Bookcase
Rewards: 135 Lifetime Points, 510 Simoleons, 455 XP, 5 Energy, 225 Social Points, Nice Cold Fridge

Difficulty: 3/5


*Delete Gossip
On your home computer use action 'Delete Gossip' 5 times. You can perform all 5 without your Sim getting bored.

*Ask Sims To Vouch For You
You must visit 2 Neighbours who you are friends with and use action 'Ask To Vouch For You'. This will not work with Neighbours who are enemies.

*Have 6 Goodwill
If you do not already have them then you can either ask your Facebook friends or gain them by performing friendly social interactions or making the bed.


*Have 10 Hammers
If you do not already have them then you can either ask your Facebook friends or gain them by repairing items.

*Research Translator Doobries
Go to your Bookshelf and use action 'Research Translator Doobries'. You can perform all of these actions in a row without your Sim getting bored.

*Buy Universal Translator Doobrie
Go to Clothes>Head>Hats and purchase the Universal Translator Doobrie for 1000 Simoleons and wear it.


*Have 4 Clothes From The New Sci Fi Collection
Visit the Clothing store and purchase 3 New items of clothing from the Sci Fi Collection. For males a full Astro Suite will cost around 3000 Simoleons. You only need to buy 3 new items as the Universal Translator Doobrie from the last part of the quest counts as one.

*Have 3 Sci Fi Items From The Shop
Visit The Sims Social store and buy 3 new Sci Fi themed items. The minimum spend is 600 Simoleons for 3 'Specimen' A Plants.

*Use The New Hygenix Ocean
Visit Bella's House and use the 'Sterilise Body' action on the Hygenix Ocean Shower.


Only one interaction of each type counts towards each goal for each Neighbour in this part. So the quickest way around this is to perform one Friendly, one Mean and then one Flirty interaction which each Neighbour. That way you will only have to visit 4 Neighbours to complete this.

*Show The Alien What Being Friendly With Other Sims Means
Go to a Neighbours house and use any Friendly action on them.

*Show The Alien What Being Mean To Other Sims Means
Go to a Neighbours house and use 'Insult' action on them.

*Show The Alien What Flirting Means
Go to a Neighbours house and use 'Flirt' action on them.


*Have 12 Alien Fury By Chatting To Electronics
Perform the 'Chat' action on any electronic item such as a Coffee Machine to collect Alien Fury. The drop rate is around 50% or 1 in 2. Alternatively you can send a request to your Facebook friends.

*Have 12 Alien Love By Chatting To Electronics
Perform the 'Chat' action on any electronic item such as a Microwave to collect Alien Love. The drop rate is around 50% or 1 in 2. Alternatively you can send a request to your Facebook friends.

*Put On Your Universal Translator Doobrie And Try To Communicate With Other Sims
Whilst wearing your Universal Translator Doobrie, Visit 5 Different Neighbours and use action 'Communicate Electronically' on them.


*Research Alien Probing
On a Computer use action 'Research Alien Probing' 10 Times. You can perform all of these in a row without your Sim getting bored.

*Ask Friends If They've Been Probed
Share post to your Facebook wall and ask 3 friends to click on it.

*Check If Been Probed
Visit 6 Neighbours and use action 'Check If Been Probed' on them.


*Check The Stars 
You should have a TeleScopeOut 2020 from a very early quest. If you don't you can visit Bella or a Neighbour or purchase one from The Sims Social Store>Misc for 750 Simoleons. Use action 'Check The Stars' on it 10 times. No Energy is required to do this and your Sim will not get bored.

*Add 3 New Neighbours
You need to become friends with 3 New Facebook friends via The Sims Social by inviting them or them inviting you.

*Ask For Galactic Directions
Visit 6 Neighbours and use action 'Ask For Galactic Directions' on them.


  1. quite difficult ya .
    i'm omw to finish this task :D
    btw, all new stuff look great :D

  2. we have to spend 4600 simolens and only get back 450???? forget that.....thats NO prize....I am never speding anything else on quests unless the simolens we get back MATCH what we spend on them or more

  3. whats up with adding 3 neighbors???i've already added all my friends before this quest, now i dont have anymore to add...

  4. First off, THANK YOU so much for posting the steps! This helps a lot of people.
    Although I'm not a big fan of space/futuristic decor, I was going to get this for the sake of having a Christmas-y green colored fridge. But now I realize I need 3 new friends.
    Forget it.
    With not many friends (I only have 8 friends, 3 of which are alternate emails of mine/family members)
    & not intending on adding strangers, this is a pain.
    Too bad. -__-
    Plus, I'm already broke & trying to finish getting the traditional Japanese items.

  5. too much work. and i am sure as heck not adding random people who spam every feed asking to be added.

    i am getting more sick of this game as each day passes.

  6. The last part add 3 new neighbor sucks, at this point we have people in our friends list who play in our neighbors already, and not everyone is one of those that add unknown people to their list

  7. Wow, anonymous seems a bit angry... this Fridge isn't the coolest cat in the show, but... neither was the Japanese Maneki Neko cat thing. At least this one has interactions

    Did anyone else NOT add 3 people and still pass the quest? I'll take the glitch, but it seems odd.

  8. BAH I cant do that last part. I have no one else to invite, and I dont want to randomly add friends I dont know to my facebook. And I agree with Shalina! AWESOME Items!!

  9. I am on part 2 of this, and I bought the Universatl Translator Doobrie and am wearing it. However, it doesn't show as completed, and I can't buy it again. Also, it shows on my characters face in the "dressing room", but not when walking around my house. How to I fix this glitch??? I've refreshed, logged out and in, etc... HELP!!

  10. none of my posts are being sent out for other players to idea what the problem is but it has been going on now for over 4 days now......please fix problem......thank you

  11. You have to add 3 new neighbors for a fridge?
    What's the next quest ask for, another 3? Another 5? 8?
    How many people do I have to convince to play? I've already asked all my real friends. it with the adding new friends already. The game is already becoming popular, U don't have to use us to collect more people. I feel like I'm forcing myself onto friends just so that I can finish a friggin quest. hah

  12. I think this quest is great.
    Nice items btw in sci-fi week.
    I finished it in less than a day, and the fridge is awesome, although it costs only 100 simoleons. :D

  13. That is an EXCELLENT fridge and I would LOVE to have it, however, making users add new people on these quests are bogus. If the game worked without less glitches and neighbors actually loaded without error, they would be number 1 instead of number 2. People would ask users to play because it's a cool game, NOT because they feel they're being forced to do so, and the former players would not have left.

    I won't be doing this quest as I will not add strangers to my FB account. It's for friends and family only.

    I can guarantee you this move will lose them more players. Bravo for EA trying new things, anyway. It's just not the right move.

  14. 3 new neighbours! *sigh* I dont wanna add strangers to my FB just for a game.. and no way are any of my friends gonna join up now.. they all left when the glitches starting appearing.. so a little harsh I feel.. looks like I am gonna fail this quest thanx to this one downfall.. another waste of my day.. I have stuck with this game thru all the glitches and I am a level 50 player.. this sux bigtime!!

  15. It was good before I had to add 3 people XD damn, damn :p

  16. I thought I had to add new neighbors, too, when I got the quest, but I reloaded the browser and the quest completed without any new neighbors being added. I'm guessing the game gave credit for neighbors I already had.

  17. Agreed with folks who are saying adding 3 new friends is a messed up thing to try and force players to do!

    Incentivise adding players for sure, but having it in quests like this spoils the game IMO.

    Really disappointed about Smuggler hair costing Sim Cash too...

  18. okay... so this quest wont cost you a lot. Fine. But I'm getting tired visiting each one of neighbours for every part of the quest, if the game run smoothly I wouldnt mind, but this? and not to mention the only-50-addition-of-house-value-reward, so I guess I'll skip this quest...

  19. I added only one new neighbor and it allowed me to pass the quest. Just thought you should know.

  20. I didn't add any neighbours. I just logged out & back in again. It was the same on a previous quest too.

  21. *Check the Stars* has an error. Checked the stars twice in my home and twice in Bella's house and it didn't credit me for doing it! Grhhhhh

  22. Happy again..Smirn17 November 2011 at 18:57

    Quest completed and NO new neighbours added.. guessing EA have seen our comments and adjusted this or its a glitch.. either way.. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADD THE NEIGHBOURS TO COMPLETE THE QUEST :)

  23. I just invited people and it let me complete the quest!

  24. Just to let everyone know, you do not have to add 3 more friends as long as you already have 3 friends. Just reload the game once you get Part 7 off this quest and it will count the ones you already have.

  25. if you are going to have guides like this for all time limited quests I will definitely check here before investing every last simoleon/social point I own that I was saving for Japanese things I couldn't afford before...and what do I have to show for it? a butt-ugly green fridge that makes no attempt at assimilating into my decor :/

  26. I bought and am wearing the Universal Translator Doobrie but it only shows up in the dressing room. NOt when I am in my room. Wont let me talk to Sims electronically because it isn't being recognized by game :(

  27. It is completely WRONG to expect players to add people or to even ask others. A game has no right to expect its players to bug others to join a game if they do not wish to play and I will never bug my real FB friends on games they do not want to play! And I sure in heck will not invite starngers! One of the most annoying things is to go to a posting or page and the commentary is filled up with all these idiots saying "PLZ PLZ PLZ ADD MEEEE" like a lot of morons.Those are the folks I purpously wont add its annoying!!So if a quest requires adding strangers or harassing friends HELL NO it will not be a quest I do, and they should remove that as a requirement forever for all future quests! If you cvant get customers in the correct way then you dont get them

  28. I've got a problem. :( For Part 6: *Ask friends if they've been probed.
    I sent it out and it shows "awaiting response from your friends" however it doesn't show up anywhere on my wall for anyone to send me responses. How can I fix this? I've got 2 days and 13 hours to complete this quest then get started on the last!!

    Also, relatives of mine have been having problems clicking on bookshelves or recieving their 'Universal Translator Doobrie'. It had taken my nephews coins but won't show up anywhere, not and he hasn't sold it.