Thursday, 22 December 2011

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Full Tycoon Mystery Boxes Items List

The third edition of Mystery Boxes were released today and come in a groovy gold and black designer box. They follow the same pricing structure as the first ever set of Winter Garden Mystery Boxes which is 15 SimCash for 1 Box, 75 SimCash for 5 Boxes and 150 SimCash for 10 Boxes.

For the first time ever though, if you log into The Sims Social online Facebook game for five days in a row, along with Free SimCash you will also be rewarded with two Free Mystery Boxes which started today we believe. Playfish has not changed the way Mystery Box items are picked as they are still random and duplicates are possible.

There are 14 Tycoon Mystery Box Items available with 3 Rare, 3 Uncommon and 8 Common. Here is a complete list of all of the items available along with House Value, description and recommended SimCash price:

Tycoon Mystery Box COMMON Items:
Tycoon Mystery Box UNCOMMON Items:
Tycoon Mystery Box RARE Items:

A Big Thank You to Kelly, Robin Grouwels, Randy Doan & outinarizona for sending us some images.


  1. They are pretty crappy. I would not bother with this round of mystery boxes

  2. I would rather have more energy, social points and additional simcash.... heck 1 or 2 simcash a day would have been better....

    - RARE ITEMS.... are totally ridiculous and not worth their price... automatic resell if I get one of those... must be a bad joke or something...

    - UNCOMMON ITEMS.... Birdbath and Fountain are pretty nice for decor.... the statue, nah not worth it to me....

    - COMMON ITEMS... the window and door are cool... the plant is and office chair are ok.... paintings are not much to look at... living room set, depends on people's taste and decor...

  3. The tycoon birdbath looks exactly like the atlas fountain. What's the point in having two items that are exactly the same....sure the price is different cos Atlas fountain costs 1750 simoleons or so.
    Anyway... I like the Tycoon Cupid but I highly ever doubt I'll get it...
    The Tycoon statue and the Tycoon vault look nice...but the not very tempting. I loved the Halloween weeks and last week's Victorian theme because of the classy furniture and lovely items. I must confess that I haven't bought anything from that futuristic collection or japan collections...because they looked cheap and something that a geek or a weabo would buy. And I will not buy anything from this week's collection either. I only like the poppy painting which costs gold.

    I like the idea of giving these Tycoon Mystery Boxes. For us, the players that don't have money to buy all the nice sims cash only items is pretty nice when we get this kind of gifts from the game's developers. In my opinion the most loyal players of this game are the ones who log in everyday just to gain the simcash bonus. It takes a lot of time to gather enough simcash to buy nice stuff. Not to mention that when doing quests and we need clicks or ingredients we spend days to wait until we finally manage to get the amount of clicks or ingredients we need. Unlike those who have the money and buy ingredients and clicks. Where's the fun and loyalty in that? Sure..they invest real money in the game...but I don't think they are more valuable than normal players who can't buy simcash. i don't know if this is clear...I don't mean to make anyone feel bad or something. I just think that this game should be less about the money and more about quests and fun stuff...because you're losing ground to other fb games. In my opinion TSS is still the best FB game I ever played. I tried Cityville and I got bored really fast. Sorry for my bad English.

  4. The "Tycoon Birdbath" is an exact replica of the Atlas Fountain, which is for sale in the store for simoleans. Nothing is changed on it.

  5. Haha...well... I must admit I am not impressed with the assortment. If I had a Wall Moustache I'd toss it.
    That birdbath looks exactly like my fountain..But the 3 tier fountain looks nice. The Statue of the man holding up the Plumbob rather than the World is funny too...
    Pot Plant is nice... Not too big a fan to the others.. so I might just toss them.

    It is a rather awkward pea soup color, the sofas.... The Eagle & Watercolor paintings are nice...

    Overall I give their selection a 5/10

  6. I Did not Get a Tycoon mystery box today was day five it loaded a different screen and gave me 4 sim cash

  7. WAT THE!? the tycoon bird fountain is the same thin as the atlas fountain? MAY I ASK WHY!?!?!?!?!?

  8. It seems that it's 1 box for days 2, 3, and 4 now instead. I got the eagle painting, so I'm happy. I like the painting, the double doors, the plant, and three-tiered fountain. I like this addition, even if I'm not super impressed with the prizes.

  9. thank god nothing is interesting to me from this new mystery item set

  10. About half of these things looks great and the rest..nah
    But overall I still really like these boxes! And to be getting two of them after only 5 days? unless they pull these boxes from the game real quick, u might just be able to get all of them :D
    can't wait untill christmas eve (that's when my five days are upp^^)

  11. Today, ironically, was my day 5 for being logged in. I only received 8 Sim Cash. No boxes. So I don't know if it's either the box give-a-way doesn't start today, or I just got screwed out of 2 free boxes..

  12. Mr. Mister Scarface22 December 2011 at 23:42

    Tycoon Sit O Lux is nice. Everything else is meh. Stuff to sell for extra simoleons.

  13. wow, many mystery item at the sims social, and this is, i get free, but why the tycoon birdbath same as atlas birdbath?
    yess,, at first i got Tycoon Fountain >_<

  14. I hope I only get the common and uncommon items. the rare items are pretty lame.

  15. I want at least 2 of the furniture, cupid statue, and the vault. lol And, the Bird Bath looks the same as the one I got. lol I like those items, but I think I'd be interested in those 4... :P I didn't get my mystery boxes for today, but I do hope to get them soon. Thanks for the update!

  16. I only dislike the moustache. I mean, what the heck? What tycoon actually has a big fake moustache hanging on the wall? Though if I get it, I'd just store it for the house value.

  17. So I got my First Free box today. and to my surprise I got the vault. It says you can spend energy to "Collect bling." But all it does is gives me like 5 simoleons and 10 XP. I feel that this kind of Gift isn't the greatest, and I agree with a lot of the others too on how un impressed they are with these boxes. The prices have increased, and the Quality I feel decreased. At least let things like the vault and probably some of the other things be a little more exciting. Like actually get more simoleons from using the vault. or Get actually bling from it. I have used it quite a few times and nothing but simoleons and XP is all I have gotten.

  18. =] I got vault the first time and the statue the second. The vault is sort of hard to fit anywhere but the statue is definitely useable. The selection overall, for free items, doesn't seem too bad to me.

    Not directing this at anyone in particular... but I just don't get why people are complaining. The items are *free* and the house values of them range from ~1.7k-10k. Assuming you have crap luck and draw the plant every time, you'd get 5.1k free house value every week. That's equivalent to ~5.1k simoleons at the *very least*. I'd personally much rather have them do this than give out 1-2k simoleons every two weeks or so...

  19. I got the Tycoon Frame and it is gorgeous and hugggeeee. Im happy :)

  20. I have been playing everyday as has my aunt and my cousin and brother, yet I am the only one who get's free mystery boxes everyday I log in!! My Aunt is so angry she wants to stop playing altogether.... Does anyone know why this is?

  21. i hope the storage limit become 10,000 LOL

  22. I got the couch that I wanted, so much for my first mystery box! The second, was the window. I like the both, thank you! I hope for the vault, cupid and the other furniture that goes with the couch! Thank you, Sim Social for the mystery boxes at bonus! This was a great way of incorporating creativeness into the game... :)

  23. Totally cool that you gift us this kind of stuffs. Thank U SIms Social.

    I get the big sofá, the painting, the tycoon statue and the tycoon fountain. And i'm totally happy with my gifts .! :D

  24. I come not to present any of these and go often: (how to activate it ¬ ¬?

  25. Wall moustache is awesome DO WANT! Also they are worth a lot so even if I want them I will keep them.


  27. i got the vault which is pretty cool actually.
    it has the highest sim cash value!
    you know whats weird? i have been logging on to play sims but then i get bored very easily cause i finshed all the quests , so i have hardly been playing it, and its like to get me playing more i am getting rare items from the mystery boxes! i got the winter lights luxury gazebo and now the vault.
    so coool !

  28. why am i not getting any free tycoon mystery boxes? all of my other friends are getting them except for me. why is that?

  29. Greenleigh takanawa3 January 2012 at 01:41

    i have gotten the

    tycoon doors
    tycoon statue (plumbob)
    tycoon painting
    tycoon eagle painting
    tycoon sofa
    tycoon pot plant

    i wish i can get another door, statue, or pot plant

    i wish i can get the fountain or the frame!

  30. the safe is really cool to have because u can get money out of it ..!! it uses the energy but u get 5 sims coins each time u use it

  31. Why do i have to pay for opening the box?

  32. I love the tycoon boxes... anything free is good for me .. its better than NOTHING!!! and regardless what you get it boost your house worth A LOT.. If you don't like it put it in storage .. wow people are never satisfied... always complaining about what they got and what they didn't get!! IT'S FREE PEOPLE!!! wow

  33. I go into Sims every day yet I continually only get awarded for first day EVERY DAY.... so aggravating.
    Also bought land for 8000 but the value only went up 4000... grrrr

  34. So i have the vault thingy, the black chair, the weird painting, the green sofa (which i put it on this green kitchen i have), that weird statue, the other little one,the little plant (which is in that green kitchen too), the big window & the eagle painting :)i like em all but the one i love is the Tycoon Vault hehe ur sim can count moneyy if u choose that action.

  35. if you have items that are woth sim cash and not simoleons, if you sell them do you get sim cash?

  36. man people go on its only a game

  37. wish we could trade! i have 2 chairs and 2 statues. would love to get the window and something else.I got more of the set but didn't get all of it. did get the cherub, eagle pic, safe, the frnt door, but didn't like getting doubles.

  38. I never reseived a box, and I play every day :s

  39. I got quite a few of these items, my favorite is definitely the window! Makes my office look pimped out!

    I recieved (for free):

    2 potted plants
    1 sofa
    1 dbl sofa
    1 office chair
    1 window
    1 brown step fountain
    1 cupid statue

  40. 1- Thats Cool To Have Gifts, But Not Like This Silly Stuff...
    2- I Haven't Seen Someone Gifted 4 or 3 Times I Same Item...
    I Got
    From The [COMMON] I Got
    3-doors.. For What I don't Know!
    2-Painting... Its Really Ugly..
    1-Sofa.. Okay If They Gift Me This But The Should Complete The Other Stuff At Least I Will Change My Home Color...
    1-Wall Moustache...Is This A Joke..
    Its Really Stupid...

    Its Nice To Have A Door. But It Should Be One Or Two...
    I am Scared that My Second Gift Is The Silly Wall Moustache Or Again Door.

  41. Where's your sense of humor, people?? Wall Moustache = Hilarious !!
    The only item that I really hoped to recieve...
    but did I get it?


  42. It's time to give mystery boxes as rewards!

  43. dont get the mistery box, when its just starts, I hav get some , but fot a long theme noting annymore.

  44. I cannot adjust my time to greenwich time because I lost my administrator privileges after it came back from repair, and it seems ever since that I have not received my sim cash nor my any mystery boxes at all, and I play consecutively 5 days in a row, times 4 times per month. Can you help me figure a way to get my sim cash, and my mystery boxes? One day, it said originally that I had earned 5 sim cash on the 5th consecutive day, but after I got into my house, the meter did not reflect this 5 sim cash.

  45. Are these still dropped randomly, or do you have to buy them now?

  46. you should not make the items expire.TIPS/give out 5000 simoleons 500 simcash pricy items post freebies each day have free pets give out 50 energy give out 1 free furnished home each week and the first five to claim will win the house every 2 weeks have a sale when every even priced item will be cut in half...........JUST TIPS WANNA HELP U UPGRADE