Thursday, 1 December 2011

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Holiday Tales 1: The Simch Quest Guide

The festive season has risen its white frosty face in The Sims Social and with it comes a new Quest which has a slightly shorter 4 day Time Limit. Not to fear though as this Quest is by far the easiest since the launch Quests of The Sims Social with only five parts instead of the usual seven.

Not many Neighbours, Ingredients or purchasing items is needed to gain access to the Limited Edition Quest Reward which comes in the form of the SimCash 'Oreo Gingerbread Pal' decoration. For the first Christmas update we are treated to Part 1 of maybe 4 Holiday Tales which involves the nasty Simch trying to stop snow arriving in The Sims Social.

Neighbours Needed: 2
Maximum Social Points Needed: 0
Maximum Simoleons Needed: 800
Ingredients Needed: Candy Canes, Goodwill, Dreams, Ornaments
Objects Needed: Holiday Toasting Set
Rewards: 95 Lifetime Points, 140 Simoleons, 85 XP, 15 Social Points, 2 Energy

Difficulty: 1/5


*Have Candy Canes

If you do not already have Candy Canes you can ask your friends for them or you can earn them from taking them from the random Candy Cane garden drops. You can also gain them from Decorating your 'Build It' Christmas Tree.

*Bake Cookies At Yours Or Bella's Holiday Stove
The easiest way is to visit Bella and use action 'Bake Cookies' on her Holiday Stove.

*Tell Sims Not To Expect Snow

Visit 2 Neighbours and use action 'Don't Expect Snow' on them.


*Warm Yourself On Yours Or Bella's Holiday Stove
The easiest way is to visit Bella and use action 'Warm Up' on her Holiday Stove five times. You can do this all five times without getting bored.

*Collect Ornaments From Your Yard
If you do not already have Ornaments you can ask your friends for them or you can earn them from taking photos of the random Red Birds, Rabbits or Pine Cones in your garden.

*Search Bookshelf For The Weather Changing Book

On any bookshelf and use action 'Find The Weather Changing Book' on it three times.


*Have Goodwill
If you do not already have Goodwill you can ask your friends for them or you can earn them from performing friendly social interactions or making the bed.

*Have Dreams
If you do not already have Dreams you can ask your friends for them or you can earn them from going to sleep.

*Collect Banana Peels From The Trash Can
On any Trash Can use action 'Collect Banana Peels' and after five attempts you should gain five. Alternatively you can ask your Facebook friends for them.


*Place Spell Ingredients In Hot Tub
In Bella's house use action 'Place Spell Ingredients Inside' on her Loguinn Hot Tub

*Get Inside The Hot Tub
Simply use action 'Get Inside' on Bella's Loguinn Hot Tub after placing the ingredients inside.


*Have The Holiday Toasting Set
All you have to do is buy the 'Holiday Toasting Set' from The Sims Social Store>Decorations. It will only cost 800 Simoleons.

*Ask Sims If They Know Any Good Jokes
Visit 3 Neighbours and use action 'Know Any Jokes?' on them.

*Click Holiday Toasting Set And Give A Funny Speech
On the new 'Holiday Toasting Set' you have just bought, use action 'Give A Funny Speech' on it five times.


  1. It as very easy. I finished within a half hour.

  2. Just finished, and also re-did my whole house, had 120k and spent over 60k lol

  3. easy! :) I really REALLY want to redo my house into an awesome cabin.... but I only have 16k and no room.... Hope they expand it soon!!!

  4. The Bunny, Red birds, elf costumes, etc. are not giving me ornaments to complete my "Collect Ornaments" task, instead just a couple of Simoleons and XP. Seeing as how I sent too many requests today, I can't ask any of my friends, I have to wait until tomorrow. LAME. fix it!

  5. you doesn't need buy the holiday toasting set, you can use on the bella house

  6. Finished i need something more to do now

  7. I can't complete the bookshelf part. It doesn't recognize the wall bookshelf from Japanese week that I bought. Fix it please?

  8. I am having a very slow and difficult time finishing cuz my ornaments will not register, it keeps glitching and snag pops up. Also WHAT does the gingerbread guy DO?? anything?

  9. The Gingerbread Man is pretty boring. Glad I didnt spend anything on him :P

  10. Why do the Christmas things that appear give glass eyes and toads? Shouldn't they be giving ornaments and candy canes?

  11. Birds and rabbits don't give me Ornaments but Glass eyes and Toads (halloween items)! :S

  12. why the hell would I play and spend 800 simoelans just to get back 140? what the hell kind of prize is THAT? make it 1000 at least

  13. Simsch?
    the Grinch!!!!!
    hahahaa! nice one!

  14. yah i am only getting glass eyes and toads or just a few simolians

  15. same here, I've been getting only toads since yesterday and so I'm stuck :/ It's going to be really upsetting if they don't fix this before the 4 days are up

  16. It is a fun quest,and the Icebreaker (if that is the right name)gives lots of SP's and simolies, but the gingerbread dude is kinda disappointing!

    I am also still getting toads and eyeballs in my bunny and Cardinal drops. I cannot receive nor send gifts or requests, so this makes it hard to collect the necessary items without the proper drops. :(

  17. My Christmas tree is a picture frame! I can add my orniments and do all my interactions, but it is a picture frame! Anyone else having that problem?!

  18. My tree is showing like a regular tree and items are adding when I finish. But the yeard items I am clearing are giving me Halloween themed items back. Things like toads. There supposed to give Christmas. I dont need Halloween, Im almost finished with my Skills for that.The Snow Rabbits gave me Glass Eyeballs when I took their pics! LOL

  19. I cant find any snow bunniea pine cones or red birds in my yard what do i do its been 3 days

  20. I dont have rabbits or red birds on my yard, same happened when i dont have candy canes on my yard

  21. Still getting Halloween items from bunnies and such in the yard, but also -- they are hardly ever there. So when one finally appears, I get toads or eyeballs. Not fun!

  22. Bella's Loguinn hot tub replaced with different bath tub. Advice on how to proceed?

  23. The best way to get candy cane is to buy one of the "have to build" xmas trees. They are 1200 or 1600 simcoins? something like that. Anyway it is well worth it after the quest. They are the best money maker in the game so far. I've got 2 skill levels to go still on my tree, and am making 72 per energy while I wait for my friends to send me "cheer", gold stars, and silver bells. At the top level I think you make 80. Buy a tree weather you do the quest or not. Also, the toasting item is great.. takes no energy and refills your social moodlet. Buy one and put it out for yourself and neighbors to use.

  24. well it looks like this quest isn't going to get fixed either before the days are up....I can't get any request out, the yard things are only giving halloween items, and so there is no way to finish the quest...what a rip off! and SIMS are not even responding to the problem? its like it doesn't exsist..what the heck? come on and fix this or at least say you are aware and are fixing it...please!! and add a few days to the quest so we can finish it....

  25. My Christmas tree is also a picture frame!!! Is this a program glitch pulling the wrong game image?

  26. This is ridiculous. It is impossible to get ornaments!

    No Christmas items appear in the yard. I have had TWO over three days, once I got no ornaments, then some ugly fat toad.

  27. I have had trouble completing the timed quests for over a month now because i can't send out requests. I just tried yesterday and I only did a couple at a time. It went through. Try that and if you find a section of requests aren't going through do it one person at a time. That's what I did. Sent out about 35 out of 40 friends. See if that works for anyone else.
    Also today I have been having trouble. Sometimes everyone shows up on the list and I try to send out. Then I try to send requests for other stuff and those 5 I can't send to shows up. Weird and annoying. Wish the Sims would fix this already.

  28. I'm really disappointed in this event because from what I understand, the holiday ingredients that are supposed to drop are not doing so. Instead, I am getting Halloween items such as glass eyes and toads.

  29. Yeah i can't get any ornaments either :( It's so frustrating. The snow bunnies, and cardinals keep giving me glass eyes and fkin toads. Man at least fix this problem so i can complete the quest. However i only have a day left and 2 ornaments so far from sending out friend requests.So disappointed with sims right now. wtf just wtf.

  30. To one of the anonymous comment above ... if all of the sudden a picture frame replaces the image of your Christmas tree (still works fine, just can't see your pretty tree), here's how to get it back: Go into shop mode, click on the frame/"tree" and click move to storage. Then take it out of storage and put it where you want it. That worked for me ... must be some kind of weird glitch. Good luck!

  31. T_T I didn't get to finish the quest because I couldn't get any ornaments from the bunnies and cardinals. How annoying.

  32. I have no cardinals, bunnies, or pine cones in my yard.. This is frustrating.. I also can't send out requests for the ornaments either.. So, I'm kinda stuck..... Lame.