Friday, 9 December 2011

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The Sims Social Tile Art #10

Its that time of the week again when we praise the players of The Sims Social who clean out their plots and place Tiles in an artistic way to create wonderful Tile Art creations.

This weeks featured Tile Artist is a player called 'BBQ' who has replicated the popular Angry Birds character, but this time with even more detail and shading. That is not all though, as his other creation is probably one of the best Tile Art creations we have seen so far in The Sims Social. BBQ's version of classic arcade game character Chun Li from Street Fighter is fantastic.

Do you think you have what it takes to produce a stand out Tile Art creation? If the answer is yes, then head over to our Forum and upload your screenshot's to the 'Artists Studio' section and they could be featured here for the world to see next week. Remember to tell us what you think of this weeks in the Comments section below or via our Facebook Page or Twitter.


  1. These are awesome!
    Great job BBQ (Y)

  2. Man, those R awesome!!!

  3. Wow blocky picture on a green square! What's the point...

  4. Not very neighbor friendly and it's not even game related. When Sims Online was around we used to do tile art on our roofs because it was seen from space. lol It did not interfere with the actual game play.
    With the game loading so slowly when visiting neighbors I would be very disappointed when I got to a lot like this.