Thursday, 16 February 2012

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Go With The Flo Mini Quest Guide + Progressive Unicorn Details

So it seems that the mysterious Progressive Unicorn item that we previewed yesterday is being given away as part of a Mini Quest reward, and what an amazing reward it is!

If you leave the Progressive Unicorn in your The Sims Social home it will generate 1x Energy every 24 hours for absolutely Free which makes this blue horned stallion decoration one of the most beneficial items to own in The Sims Social to date.

You have 14 days to complete the three easy parts to this Go With The Flo Mini Quest and collect your Progressive Unicorn reward. Make sure you complete it as this Quest Reward Item is one not to be missed.

Neighbours Needed: 3
Maximum Social Points Needed: 0
Maximum Simoleons Needed: 0
Ingredients Needed: Goodwill
Objects Needed: N/A
Rewards: 35 Lifetime Points, 60 Simoleons, 35 XP, 10 Social Points, Progressive Unicorn
Difficulty: 1/5


*Look Up Progressive On A Computer
Click on a computer and use action 'Look Up Progressive'

*Watch For Flo's Progressive Commercials
Click on a TV and use action 'Watch Flo On TV'


*Compose A Jingle For The Progressive Commercial On A Guitar
Click on a Guitar and use action 'Compose Jingle' three times. Your Sim will get bored of this after two attempts so just try completing the others tasks and retry in a few minutes.

*Ask Different Sims If They Have Any Glitter You Can Use For A Progressive Commercial. And Unicorns, Ask Them If They Have Unicorns
Either visit three Neighbours or ask them over to your place and use action 'Got Unicorns?' on them.

*Search For Squirrels In Trees
Click on a Tree and use action 'Search For Squirrels' twice.


*Have Goodwill
If you do not already have Goodwill then you can ask your friends for them or perform friendly interactions with Neighbours for a chance at dropping them.

*Prepare Tacos For All In Microwave
Click on a Microwave and use action 'Prepare Tacos' three times. Your Sim will not get bored of doing this.

*Ask Sims If They Love Tacos As Much As Flo From Progressive Does
Either visit three Neighbours or ask them over to your place and use action 'Love Tacos?' on them.


  1. Fun challenge and a very pleasant surprise on a Wednesday evening.

  2. Big deal...1 energy every 24 hours. Every hour and a half I get 15!

  3. The unicorn is cute. I'll definitely complete this quest!

  4. I really don't like the fact that this is a commercial item, it weirds me out... does this type of marketing actually work?

  5. Easy and fun quest!

  6. I love this quest

  7. THAT IS NOT AT ALL ENOUGH ENERGY! This is ridiculous, 1 free energy per day? This is really a useless item. It should refill the energy at least..common now. So disappointing.

  8. I completed this quest very easily today, but I don't see the reward anywhere. How do I claim it?

  9. LOVE IT! Honestly, who complains about getting free energy? The quest was short and simple, the unicorn was a FREE reward, it's not ugly, and it also boosts FUN. I advised all my sims friends to do the quest. Serious players know that you can never have too much energy!

  10. I click on microwaves and nothing happens, I need to prepare tacos!! any suggestions??

  11. "Anonymous said...

    I completed this quest very easily today, but I don't see the reward anywhere. How do I claim it?"

    Was having the same problem as you - looked everywhere for it.. turns out it's in your 'storage' under 'decoration' -- hope that helps :)

  12. When I moved my cursor on the Progressive Unicorn today, I found out that it says "The functionality has expired", and there is no countdown showing how much time left for an energy sad. They are taking out the toyota prius perks soon, now left the genie lamp, perhaps it end up the same or it may not. Of course I wish they won't remove the perks form my 15k lamp!!