Thursday, 9 February 2012

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Love Is In The Air Quest Guide

The Valentines Week Quest is a more simple one than previous The Sims Social Quests, however beware that you won't be able to fly through the Quest and complete it within 24 hours as from Part 4 things get a tad trickier.

You will also need to collect quite a few Ingredients if you are wanting to get your hands on the Free 39 SimCash Amour Stuffed Unicorn Quest Reward Item this week, but fear not as you have 7 days in which to complete the 'Love Is In The Air' Quest.

Neighbours Needed: 8
Maximum Social Points Needed: 0
Maximum Simoleons Needed: 0
Ingredients Needed: 12x Love, 10x Fruit, 15x Soapsuds
Objects Needed: A Skill Item
Rewards: 70 Lifetime Points, 475 Simoleons, 55 XP, 4x Energy
Difficulty: 2/5


*Become Inspired
Simpy fulfil all of your needs like 'Hunger', 'Sleep', 'Toilet' etc. It is better to try and complete the second task first, so once your become Inspired you can simply move to the next part of the Quest.

*Ask Your Friends To Send You A Valentine's Day Card
Post a request to your Facebook wall and ask one friend to click on it


*Have 12 Love
If you do not already have Love then you can ask your friends for them or perform romantic interactions with Neighbours for a chance at dropping them.

*Check Littlehaven Social Network Profiles On A Computer 3 Times
Click on a Computer and use action 'Check Profiles' three times. You can do all of these without your Sim getting bored.

*Ask 5 Other Sims If They Are Single
Visit five Neighbours and use action 'Are You Single?' on them.


*Reprogram Lovebot Rosie 3 Times
If you are completing this Quest during Valentines Week then head over to Bella's house and use action 'Reprogram' on her Lovebot Rosie. Your Sim can perform this all three times without getting bored.

*Phone Littlehaven FM 3 Times
On a phone use action 'Vote For Eugene' three times. You can perform this all three times without getting bored.

*Carve Eugene's Name In To 7 Sims Bedposts
Visit 7 different Neighbours and use action 'Carve Eugene' on their Bed to complete this task. You can also perform this action on your own Beds.


*Have 10 Fruits To Make The Best Batch Of Aphrodisiac
If you do not already have Fruits then you can ask your friends for them.

*Grow And Harvest 8 Watermelons
You will have to plant four Watermelons at a time, wait 12 hours to harvest them and then plant another four more. This task will take 24 hours to complete unless you have already had Watermelons growing beforehand.

*Have 15 Soapsuds
If you do not already have Soapsuds then you can ask your friends for them or fulfil your 'Hygiene' need for a chance at dropping them.


*Ask 8 Friends Over To Your House
Hover over your friends list at the bottom of The Sims Social game screen and 'Invite Over' eight Sims to your house. You can only have one Neighbour over at your house at once.

*Earn 500 Simoleons From Skills
Simply earn 500 Simoleons by performing Skill actions on Skill Items. You could either just continue to complete Mastery Levels on your current Skill Items or just use old ones that have already been completed.

*Mail Bottles Of Aphrodisiac To Eugene In 24 Hours
Click on a Mailbox and use action 'Mail Bottles' on it. We believe you will have to wait at least 24 hours from when you access Part 5 of this Quest to be able to complete it.


  1. Clicking on a friend's Valentine day feed gives you 160 social points :D

  2. how exactly am I suppose to buy the new valentine stuff when my storage is already full and I don't want to sell stuff?! Seriously Sims developer!! you're dropping many new stuff and not even thinking about the storage problem.

  3. i cant ask a friend to send me a valentine's day card :( the "Ask Friend" button wont work...and I've tried refreshing the page too; it wont' work. The pop up keeps Stuck on part 1 of the quest; how depressing.

  4. my sims is not working!!how will i complete ths quest.... :o
    sims developers do something.......decrease the load of ur game...hope mi8 wrk for many..... :'(

  5. The button isn't working for me either.

  6. same here. click but it doesnt show :(

  7. I'm having the same problem... I can't load the request window. Or any request window for that matter.

  8. I wish you didn't need so many neighbors to complete this quest. I haven't been able to finish the last few because I don't want to add random people as friends just for the game. Oh well, no fountain, nacho hat, and unicorn doll for me.

  9. I have the same problem. The pop up keeps loading forever...

  10. I have the same problem, the FB window that pops-up to ask for valentine's day card never finish loading so I can't public the petition -.- annoying!!!

  11. im stuck on the first part too. the pop up won't load.... :s

  12. Why, why visiting 7 friends? I mean 7? It's a pain in the a** because the game gets so terribly slow after visting the first two friends. Lags and then "ops we've hit a snag". boring, really!

    Make it so that we've to visit just two friends or fix your damn servers!

  13. I've reloaded the game several times today! Playing is difficult today!

  14. i had the same problem with the popup hanging. it worked finally after doing some actions first before asking for the card.

  15. me tooo! I keep askinh firends 4 valentines card, don't get any, and the button can be pressed agina, over and over... I suspect that my friends aren't getting my request.

  16. wow, that'a a expensive quest just for a tiny unicorn. 12 love?

  17. I hate that they reward similar items that are almost like the ones they have in the store for simcash. Like this unicorn there is a pink pony that looks pretty much like it that I bought for simcash, then there was the rose bush they rewarded a black one in a quest after the fact, how annoying, I spend my real hard earned dollar to have special items EA/ Playfish! Stop doing THAT!!! I noticed with the red kiss lips chair even though I didn't buy that now there is a similar one ... I like it but wth...

  18. why am i not getting to ask friends for the fruit for the love is in the air quest keeps saying please try again at a later time

  19. Please review the amour stuffed unicorn :) I don't have 8 friends so i'm wondering if using precious simcash to complete this quest is worth it.

  20. I finished this, quickly and right on the time-duration "Smiles"!.. :) It was fun!

    I like that we actually, get the chance to get similar items, that are similar to sim cash items, for rewards - that is. It gives us poor people a chance for some glory!

    At least add or take away some detail, though... Make the details a bit different, playfish... That at least, I guess, would be "fair"... Other than that; I really like how this theme has went! As a dedicated Sim-Player.. <3

  21. Oh, but this didn't do any justice for lower leveled players who don't have many sim neighbors... Which, isn't fair. My sister just starting out with only a few neighbors...

    That isn't fair when quests recommend more than a few neighbors ... Try changing it a bit... Like "Do 8 Fun Actions" with A neighbor... THAT would motivate people to include more fun actions and make the quest more interesting... "Just sayin"!

    My sister would of enjoyed the rewards of this - but, me having so many neighbors, it was easy getting help on this quest... ;) She's not too much into chatter or inviting newbies - she's not that dedicated to Sim Social as most dedicated sim players are... Just keep that in mind, thanks! -

    Some people are just "Casual Players"... Who come into game for a short time once a day or less... But for a random quest that they may find interesting... Maybe include a simple quest? A short and simple one along with a challenging one? Or something like that? Just some ideas and food for thought... ;)