Wednesday, 15 February 2012

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The Sims Social Advertises Vacation Home Update

As well as The Sims Social Raising Storage Limits today, they have also decided that now is the time to in a way confirm that a Second Vacation Home is on its way, by implementing a button to the bottom navigation bar of The Sims Social game screen which shows a globe with the wording 'Coming Soon'!

We here at The Sims Social originally broke the exclusive news last week that Littlehaven would be expanding and that residents of The Sims Social would be able to venture to Littlehaven Shores, a lovely beach vacation plot where players would be able to set up a new second home.

The details we have do not seem to have changed and we believe the new Coming Soon Globe icon will be greyed out and unusable until Thursday 23rd February when the Utopia Beach Week Items drop into The Sims Social.

Another updated feature within our favourite online Facebook game is that the 'Crafting' section has been updated with the New Utopia Beach Ingredients that we previewed yesterday. Basically, as part of the Utopia Beach Week Quests you will be required to collect new Ingredients such as Shells, Palm Leaves and Drift Wood from Littlehaven Shores sandy floor and craft them into Woven Palms and Planks to complete the Quest and possibly unlock the new Beach Home.

Are you excited that Playfish have finally confirmed the rumours that a Second Vacation Home will be coming to The Sims Social? Are you looking forward to helping your Sim settle down in Littlehaven Shores? Let us know via our Forum, Chat Room or by leaving a Comment below.


  1. Then i've send 2000 NOT like it..!!

  2. Have you noticed the new icon when you visit a neighbour aswell? Do you think that's so you can go to the vacation home straight from you're neighbours house...

  3. "I'm so excited and I just can't hide it" O'Boy now we get the beach too. I wonder if we will have to drive to the beach in the car. I can't wait. LOVE, LOVE , LOVE IT :D

  4. How is it you all have this information when the EA forum MOD's can't even get basic info on such things? They say you spy on the code. Can you all confirm if you have communication with SS devs?

    Regardless this is exciting news.

  5. i'm looking forward to these updates :D

  6. J'ai hate et c une bonne initiative!

  7. How can I get a beach house?!