Thursday, 15 March 2012

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I Dream Of Genies Quest Guide

Neighbours Needed: 10
Ingredients Needed: 12x Relaxation, 18x Love
Items Needed: Computer, New items from Arabian Week collection, Athletic Skill Item, Arabian Clothes, Music Skill Item
Minimum Social Points Needed: 400
Minimum Simoleons Needed: 4600
Rewards: Desert Treasure
Estimated Difficulty: 3/5


*Ask Different Sims If They've Heard Of A Johnny Or A Jenny Or Something Like That
Visit six Neighbours or ask them over to your home and use action 'Heard Of Jenny Or Johnny Or Something?' on them.

*Rub Purple Items Around Homes To See If they Have Genies Inside
Find purple items in either your home or Neighbours homes, click them and use action '*Rub Rub* Hello? Any Genies?'. You will need to do this on nine different items.

*Become Inspired
Fulfill all needs to become Inspired and pass this task. This task is best to be done last.


*Spend 3000 Simoleons On Furniture Items From The New Arabian Nights Range
Visit The Sims Social store and buy furniture items from the 'Special' range marked NEW.

*Have 12 Relaxation
If you do not already have Relaxation then you can ask your friends for some or you can fulfil your 'Sleep' need for a chance at dropping them.

*Play Brain Training Games On Computers Every Day For Two Days
On a computer use action 'Play Brain Training' on consecutive days. Days restart at midnight (GMT) within The Sims Social.


*Earn 500 Simoleons From Athletic Skill Items
Perform skill tasks on Athletic Skill Items like the Treadmill and Yoga Mats which earn you Simoleons. Once you have earned 500 Simoleons this task will become complete.

*Have Clothing Or Avatar Items From The New Arabian Nights Range
Visit The Sims Social clothing store and buy an item of clothing from the new Arabian Nights range. These can be found under the 'Special' category and will have NEW written on them.

*Harvest Some Nice Healthy Grapes 6 Times
To pass this task you must plant Grapes in the plots in your garden. Grapes take 24 hours to grow and be able to harvest. You will only be able to plant four at a time, so this part of the Quest can not be completed before 48 hours unless you already had Grapes planted. We suggest that you plant them as soon as possible to leave you enough time to complete the rest of this Quest.


*Earn 600 Simoleons From Music Skill Items
Perform skill tasks on Music Skill Items like Guitars, Pianos and Harps which earn you Simoleons. Once you have earned 600 Simoleons this task will become complete.

*Show You Understand Sound By Charming A snake
Click on a snake charming basket which can be found at Bella's and then use action 'Charm Snake'. You can also purchase one of your own from The Sims Social store for 7500 Simoleons called the Fearless Snake Charming Kit.

*Show You Understand Sound By Saying 'Echo! Echo!' To Different Sims
Visit ten Neighbours or ask them over to your home and use action 'Echo! Echo!?' on them.


*Have 18 Love
If you do not already have Love then you can ask your friends for some or you can perform romantic interactions with Neighbours for a chance at dropping them.

*Tell Everyone About Your New Genie Friend: He's Available For Parties And Wishes!
Post a request to your Facebook wall and ask five friends to click on it.

*Rub A Genie's Lamp, But Choose Wisely How You Rub It!
Click on a Genie's Lamp which can be found at Bella's and then choose how you want to rub it from the choices listed in the game. Alternatively you can buy a Jinn Genie from The Sims Social store for 15,000 Simoleons that will allow you to collect Energy and other collectibles for Free from it.


  1. Which items count as purple? I know the Vespertine bar but purple items from the Alice set and the neon set don't have the rub rub action.

  2. give us social point a few thousand to buy all the pretty stuff <3

  3. Bella has 5 purple items... and for the other 4 purple items, i dont know where/what to do :(

  4. Right off the bat, u need minimum 1200 social points and 7500 simoleans. Ur numbers r very low and very inaccurate. It would be helpful if you got the top part right and post it way before it started. Other than that, it's useless.

  5. The "Rub, Rub" Part is not working on anything purple.. only on bella's house!

  6. thanks. it helps knowing what im going encounter during the course of the game.

  7. The LookBusy Desk and the Vespertine Cocktail Bar from 80's week both count as purple items that you can rub for genies in the first quest. The Geo Gina Midnight Bed also works. I haven't found any other items yet, but hopefully this helps a few people out!

  8. 10 playing neighbors? This week gets a pass.

  9. But... but... I can't find any purple items to click on!!!

  10. Well, I can see a trend in all of the quests of late - namely that there's absolutely no way to complete them without Sim cash. This game used to be fun.

  11. I wish I would have read this sooner

  12. Yet another joke from the developers.....

  13. Lets see if I can complete this one, with all the snags happening....

  14. Only found a few items at Bella's that work, that's it. More useless impossible quests. Yay

  15. realaxation=feed the snake a mouse (something like that) al bella's and any other friends that own the snake kit!

  16. Those purple/blue chairs from the new years week count as purple objects.

  17. RUB RUB works on my versperitine bar as well as the dj booth.

    the dj booth is also GREAT for dropping relaxation!!!! Which makes my bf laugh bc dj'ing is fun but not really relaxing LOL.

  18. The purple trees from halloween work and one of the 2 types of purple trees

  19. I can't stand all those snags...

  20. the business desk counts as purple and so does most of the arabian night items except for the genie lamp ... the best place to go to is bella's. Also you should know that purple curtains can't be used; I know in the past we've been able to click on curtains of a certain color for these types of quests but not for this one.

  21. Yes! The chairs from New Years really do work!! I had to buy 3 of them... they are cheap though!

  22. If you don't have many neighbours then add more,if you don't like the game because of glitces then quit.I don't understand you people.I like when quests are really a challenge.i am a daily SIMOLEON player,house value 1200 and i've completed all quests without using any simcash or begging for free stuff.i prefer quests with a high difficulty level than quests that can be finished in one day!!So,play the game or quit.

  23. It's time to raise the backpack limits on the collectibles if the developers want to keep throwing these kind of requirements at us. Otherwise, I am ready to say goodbye. It would be different if we could store more than 15 of everything. But to demand so many of each ingredient is a joke!! This game has become a joke. One in very poor taste, I might add.

  24. Go to Bella's house.You'll find 5 purple items.

  25. these quests are not fun annymore, when you are low on simolies and social points , you can not complete the task on time and you must by simcash. The hole game becommes to work on my nerves. If this goinig on, we come to a poit that you may not spend annything on items for your house, becosse you need them to Finish the quests that are still to come. Not to mention the problems that the game has all the time and the things you not get.

  26. quest is easy!!!piece of cake

  27. Ok I'm sorry but please give us a break inbetween quests at the beginning of last week I had four timed quests on my screen!! Give us time to actually enjoy what we get from the quests that we spend a whole week doing!!! :/

  28. ok, now how is anybody supposed to click on my wall while the feed doesn't even appear??? how am i supposed to complete the quest???? fix this soon!!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!

  29. For Part 5, I can't post the request in the wall. The game hits a snag and locks my request, forcing me to waste 24 hours until the request button is released again.
    I think the quests are hard enough if the game worked properly. With all these glitches, we are just fools trying to complete the quest.

  30. purple plant counts too...

  31. and again another quest I will not complete because of snags at the most crappy times (read requesting, now have to wait 24 hours)I'm gonna take a quest break and work on my skills and my house for a while :)

  32. My Part 5 Wall request isn't working either!! WTF!??!

  33. Really confused.. why are people saying 'impossible to complete without simcash'?

    I'm on the last section, just waiting for my friends to send me some more Love then I'm done.

    So where does simcash even come into it? I haven't spent a single one. :S

  34. I needed one more day, no point in finishing other part of the quest now :(

  35. It is virtually impossible to complete on time if you don't use simcash or have dozens of active friends to send you everything - I'm just unlocking second to last level on snake charming - needed 1 more entertainment...3 hours and 41 friends later, using all of the 5 bonus energy at friends' houses plus my own 35+ energy to get 1 entertainment. soooo....240+ energy to get 1 entertainment. Talk about "I am soooo bored of this...." It would be a lot easier if 35 out of my 41 friends hadn't stopped playing the game, I know, but I seriously object to adding starngers to complete the tasks. whenever I have done that in the past, the person seems to stop playing immediately after adding me. There is no fun left in this game and I already have a job. I sure don't need unpaid work.