Friday, 18 May 2012

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Full Summer Party Mystery Box List

The fourth edition of Mystery Boxes in The Sims Social were released yesterday and with it comes ten brand new exclusive Pool themed all wrapped up in a random brown box. The Summer Party Mystery Boxes hold the same pricing structure as both the first ever Winter Garden Mystery Boxes and the previous Tycoon Mystery Boxes for 15 SimCash a pick, 75 SimCash for five or you can try for the full 10 at 150 SimCash.

If you are lucky and rich enough to collect all ten of these exclusive items then you will be able to unlock the Ultra Rare Nu Life Poolside Assistant Writing Skill Item that is worth 59 SimCash and will raise your House Value by +8700. We'll have the full details on this item in a future article, you will be able to use the 'Search' bar via The Sims Social Fansite to find it once it's written.

If you want to attempt to buy these new Pool Theme Mystery Boxes the simply click on the brown Mystery Box icon in the top right of your The Sims Social game screen or you can claim your Free Summer Party Mystery Box here! It doesn't look like Playfish have changed the way Mystery Box items are received and duplicates are still possible.

The ten Summer Party Mystery Boxes consist of 3x Rare, 3x Uncommon and 4 Common items. Here is a complete list of all of the items available along with the House Value, classification and recommended SimCash value:

Summer Party Mystery Box COMMON Items:

Charmed Toad Statue, Bubble Lights, Nu Life Garden Shade, Gaia Potted Banana Tree

Summer Party Mystery Box UNCOMMON Items:

Seafaring Seahorse statue, Nu Life Fountain, Dolphins Wanna Have Fun

Summer Party Mystery Box RARE Items:

Bahama Hanging Chair, Bahama Curve Lounger, Nu Life Fireplace


  1. I got the ugly bubble lights and a few of my friends got the Rare items. sigh. I hope they give out another free one soon.

  2. I wish these boxes where cheaper as I'd love to have the hanging chair and the fireplace and the chances on getting those are quite low. The other items are okay I guess, just not that great.

    So far I only have the toad statue. I hope they give out more free boxes!

  3. i want it all :O

  4. Seahorse here, wouldnt mind the dolphin or fireplace...

  5. i got those crappy light that dont really do anything that i can tell a few friends that rarely get on got the fire place i wish boxes were free with better items or an equal chance to get those things i get tiered of spending money and you really dont get that many gold coins unless you spend a butt load of money it would be nice if they lowered the price of things i think people would get farther and play more and spend more too stuff cost too much .

  6. why buy a simcash item?? your spending your own hard earned cash on a stupid game and you'll have nothing to show for it, yeah maybe you'll have a nice house but what happens when the game goes offline forever......all your money has been poured down the drain for absolutely nothing

    1. only one life to live.. I get excited to get a gift since I used to get them from the church every christmas:):):)