Friday, 19 October 2012

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The Sims Social Tile Roof Guide

Ever wondered how your friends, Neighbours and entrants into our Inspirational Homes and Home of the Month sections created optical illusions in The Sims Social and create garden huts and other roofed buildings? Well here is a guide to help you get those creative juices flowing and attempt to do it yourself by one of the best The Sims Social house designers around mikhailciriaco who's homes have been featured on The Sims Social Fansite many times including two as part of Inspirational Homes #25.

TIPS: Always make the roof bigger than the floor below it & make the floor tiles as darker!

Are you going to give building a roofed garden hut a go? Would you like to see more Guides like this added to The Sims Social Fansite in the future? Do you have any additional Tips for creating something as amazing as this? Let us know by either leaving a Comment below or by visiting our TwitterFacebookForum or via our Chat Room.

Thanks to HousesOfMikhail for the image


  1. This guy's work is fantastic and inspiring! I'm still not entirely sure how to implement all his tricks, but I think it will be fun trying to learn them, and to be creative in the process. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I hope I can do this.. Sometimes I will spend hours storing my whole house and then re-style while I bring everything back out. Now I an do it again and try some of these new tricks. I am excited.. Give us some more tricks.. It will sure keep me playing and I am 43???:)

  3. This is a really neat guide. I don't do stuff like this in my sims house sbut I love when we see the examples of how other people did and if I ever get a break from school work..well its cool to know I could! Keep these up I think this is fantastic.

  4. Thank you for featuring my Tutorial here, glad to help you guys :)