Thursday, 28 February 2013

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Houses Of Bella | Medieval 2013 Week Two

Bella has kept the same room format as last week but her home is getting seemingly more Medieval themed as her mysterious spare room has now turned into a Bedroom more so than an open Library with the addition of the SummerKnight Bed. Bella's Bathroom has also turned from a normal area into a more historic look with the new SummerKnight Bath.

Outside this week has become a lot more cramped and untidy as not only does Bella have the Tower Of Faith residing their but also the new Maze Of Mystery and awesomely fun Rolling Barrels that you can interact with and raise your 'Fun' need on.

Bella's house isn't the only new home in Littlehaven this week as Flo has set up home in The Sims Social for a short period of time whilst the Progressive Mini Quest is ongoing. You'll have to visit this all white, clinical living space in order to get your hands on the +1 Energy giving Flo Doll. We love how big, spacious, clean and modern it looks. Do you?

Do you like Bella's home this time around with the new additions for this week? Is Flo's better? What you like the most about them? Will you be taking any inspiration from developers designs? Have you been inspired to decorate one of your The Sims Social homes in this way? Let us know by leaving a Comment below or by visiting our TwitterFacebookForum or via our Chat Room.


  1. I like flows!!! the macbook, the flatscreen tv and the awesome oven!!!

  2. The space maybe white and clinical, but HOW do we get our hands on all the cool items in her house? The hanging TV? The apple-esque laptop? The neat oven?

  3. I like Flo's things and I like Bella's interior. But Flo's oven seems to be loading everytime I go to here house even until now. I can't do the quest!

  4. Stuck being Flo's roomie now... all other quests I can't get back to...don't let friends do this quest.Been here 2 days now...