Thursday, 28 February 2013

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How To Find All Medieval 2013 Week Two Ingredients

No new Ingredients have been added to The Sims Social online Facebook game today aside from Royalty which can be obtained by sending a request to your Neighbours via a Facebook post.

If you struggling to find the Ingredients you desire from your The Sims Social friends and Neighbours, don't fret as there are other ways and means to obtain them. Here is quick run down on ways in which you can find all Ingredients of the Ingredients that you'll need this week.

Amber, Ancient Myth, Carnelian, Confidence, Garden Toolkit, Quartz, Spinel, Turquoise, Confidence - Make a Wish at Fountain of Four Sims or Clear things around the Castle

Admiration - Clear grass around your main house

Apple, Book Of Spells, Cloth, Culture, Chisel, Diamonds, Dice, Dream Inspiration, Deep Thought, Elbow Grease, Fire, Frozen Love, Firewood, Fury, Goodwill ,Groove ,Hope ,Hype ,Hint ,Hose ,Happines ,Logic ,Love ,Muse , Paint Cans, Paint, Rakes, Rubber Duckie, Revelation, Royalty, Romance, Stopwatch, Spotlight, Sheet Music, Trowel, Velvet, Wisdom, Wine Glass, Water, Watering Can - Ask friends only

Arrow, Clues - Ask friends to collect or work on all Medieval Projects

Chivarly, Carnelian - Ask friends to collect or build the Tower of Faith

Dreams - Perform Sleep interactions

Driftwood, Palm Leaf - Clear around your Beach house

Entertainment - Perform friendly actions on Neighbours

Plans - Work on Art Skill Items

Hammer, Nails - Repair items

Idea - Clear house artifacts

Magnifying Glass, Solid wood - Open Chests around your Medieval Castle

Rubber Glove - Perform Cleaning actions

Stone - Clear Heap of Stones or build Zero-G Ski Slope

Zen Crystal, Planks, Old Instructions - Craft only

Do you know of any others ways in which you can gather any of the above Ingredients in The Sims Social?Which one you are struggling to finding the most ? Let us know by leaving Comment bellow or simply by visiting our TwitterFacebookForum or via our Chat Room. Happy Simming everyone!


  1. For "Idea", you can also perform Logic skill actions. And for nails/hammers/wrenchs,you can perform art skills with the sirena statue.

  2. You can also get admiration from clearing bottles and palm leaves at your beach house.

  3. I used to get solid wood from the ski lift at the chalet, but since week 2 started, it's like they disabled that drop. I've wasted something like 50 energy trying to get just one, but it's not happening.

  4. The list of "ask friends only" includes tons of ingredients that are readily available.
    Apple: Fulfill hunger need, sometimes drops from athletic actions
    Cloth, Duster, Elbow Grease and Rubber Glove: Clean dirty items, "Wipe Down Mat" (no energy action on the Mr. Fitt's SimZum Mat), "Polish" (no energy action on scooters)
    Culture: Fulfill Fun need (drops a lot from zen garden - "Meditate" action)
    Diamond: drops from the Cogsworth Time Machine
    Dice: sometimes drops from mean social interactions
    Dream Inspiration: drops almost 100% from sleeping in beds (I've have 50 for a couple months now)
    Deep Thought: logic skill on certain levels of logic items - just hover over the skill level and it'll tell you if it's a possible drop
    Firewood: If a friend does the "light the flame tower" for Noblesse Archery Ground they can share it on their news feed. If you click to collect, you'll get firewood. You can do the same for your friends!
    Fury: Play guitars - they drop Fury a lot. Do mean social interactions with your neighbors
    Goodwill: Seriously, one of the easiest to get. Do friendly social interactions - OR Do the "eat ice cream" no energy action on the Share Happy Ice Cream Stand. It's a red ice cream cart that was given away a year or so ago. If you have it, it drops tons of Love and then once you max your Love it drops Goodwill. I use it all the time to stock up!
    Groove: Do skill interactions with keyboards or Simphonic DJ Master Deck
    Hint: Skill interactions with Logic items
    Hope: Collect rewards from the Quick Karma Machine or Pandora's Box
    Happiness: Train your pets - you can redo finished training levels if it says it might drop Happiness

  5. Continued...
    Logic: Skill interactions with Logic items
    Love: Do romantic actions with neighbors, do the "Relationship" actions on the Medieval Magic Ball, do "eat an ice cream" on the Happy Ice Cream Stand - almost 100% drop rate for Love and then Goodwill
    Muse: Do art skills, or do the "Practice 'Spin The Cornetto'" action on the Spin the Cornetto wheel - also a giveaway from a while back that is pretty useful.
    Paint & Paintbrush: Recolor the Tyler Banks Reform Wardrobe
    Rubber Duckie: Fulfill hygiene needs (do it at a neighbor's house and you don't have to worry about dirty or broken sinks), Also take a zen bath on the Zen Garden
    Romance: Do romantic interactions - especially with your bf or gf if you have one
    Sheet Music: Do skill interaction with keyboards or pianos
    Trowel: If you have the Perfect Sim statue, do the "Get Inspired" action
    Velvet: Do Build interactions with the Joust Another Arena
    Water: Fulfill hunger need - OR Drink coffee from coffee machines (especially the espresso machine) That seems to drop more water. Also, do the "Feed" action on the Cowplant
    Some ways to get the other ingredients...
    Arrow: During the Medieval 2013 quests - go to Bella's house and interact with the Noblesse Archery Ground (you can use your 5 energy there to stock up) Also, ski on the Zero-G Ski Slope
    Entertainment: Fulfill fun need
    Plans: Cook, some art skills, do the no energy action "Ponder" on the Philosopher's Chaise Lounge (very high drop rate- stock up!)
    Hammer & Nails: do no energy "Check accounts" on the ZecuTime Home Office, OR do no energy "Check Engine" on scooters
    Zen Crystal: Possible drop every six hours if you have the Sealox Luxury Yacht - "Explore for Treasure" action. This also drops water sometimes.
    Usually once you complete a big skill project or get a reward from a quest, there's some advantage that it gives you by dropping ingredients. Even the free promotional items are useful sometimes for stocking up on ingredients. I always check around to see what everything drops. It's easier to get ingredients especially now that you can see possible drops by hovering over any action. That's why I never pass up a promotional item, I can hide them in my houses and use them to get ingredients!
    Good luck everyone!