Tuesday, 26 February 2013

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The Sims Social Fansite Writers Wanted!

We here at The Sims Social Fansite are wanting to increase the website with more Information, Tips, News, Guides, Competitions and Community features on top of the huge amount that we provide already and we've got lots of ideas and new features that we are wanting to implement into both of our sites between The Sims Social Fansite and our sister site The SimCity Social Fansite but in order to do that we need more writers.

So we are opening our doors publicly for the very first time to intelligent, hardcore The Sims Social addicts who have great literacy skills and know tons about the best online virtual life simulation Facebook game on the net and want to share their knowledge with our multiple thousands of monthly visitors.

Whether it be just a one off article about a sneaky Hint / Tip or you'd like to take over one of our current Regular Articles or maybe even start your own regular informative weekly article about anything The Sims Social related then we want to hear from you!

One Off Articles

Please send your One Off Articles to simssocialfansite@gmail.com with your Facebook URL and if they're good enough we'll post it to the Fansite for The Sims Social universe to see and benefit from.

Resident Writer

If you want to be part of The Sims Social Fansite team on a more regular and closer level then please send a short application to simssocialfansite@gmail.com telling us:

  • How often you play The Sims Social
  • How long you've played the game
  • Your Facebook URL
  • Why you'd like to be a Fansite writer
  • What you'd like to write about on a regular basis (Clothing, Home Designing, Freebies, News etc...)
  • A sample article that you'd like to publish

These positions are on a volunteer basis but Free SimCash gifts will be rewarded to the very best articles that make it onto The Sims Social Fansite and for multiple submissions to say thank you for helping The Sims Social community and the number one resource for Littlehaven news continue to run and improve!


  1. I am not a very good writer but if i was this would be so fun! I am an everyday player and usually finish weekly quests in about 2 days. Good Luck to all that try out!

  2. what do you mean by sample article?

  3. I keep trying to email my application in but it won't go through. My email keeps changing your address to simsocial instead of simSSocial...any ideas?

  4. I'm very interested in this. I play daily and have some writing experience as well as translating skills, if this could be of any help. Now, for the sample article, how long should it be roughly?

  5. I agree, I play every day and finish quest's sufficiently and early. I enjoy Sims but would not know what I would write about. Good luck to everyone who signs up for this great opportunity to join the team, and to help us that are addicted! :)

  6. I agree, try to play each day been playing a couple of months. I enjoy the game a lot I'm a big fan of Sims period I almost have all the games as well. I can write about each item on the game from clothes to quests.