Monday, 4 March 2013

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Book Of Mystical Madness Logic Skill Item

The Book of Mystical Madness will be a Skill Item available in The Sims Social online Facebook game next week for the third and final part of the Medieval 2013 Theme. This particular Medieval Project Item activity will have provide optional stages to be completed that can boost players Logic Skills level. You can already see this Logic Skill Item in a room to the North of your Medieval Castle, the door will become unlocked on Thursday 7th March.
The Mastery Levels overall don't really require many Ingredients in comparison with other Projects/ Skill Items released in The Sims Social during Medieval 2013 Theme in first few weeks but seeing as this Book Of Mystical Madness is an additional Skill Item that works in all of our favours. You can find the full Ingredients list required to complete the Book of Mystical Madness below:

Read Spell - N/A
Turn Sim Into A Frog - 2x Entertainment, 1x Book Of Spells
Figure Out How To Turn Him Back - 2x Clues, 2x Goodwill
Cast A Spell Of Invisibility - 3x Logic, 4x Idea
Turn Your Furniture Into Birds - 4x Shooting Star, 5x Book Of Spells
Cast A Love Spell - 4x Love, 6x Wizards Wand
Wrong Sim, Undo Love Spell - 6x Book Of Spells, 5x Wizards Wand, 7x Deep Thought
Cast A Spell Of Levitation - 5x Relaxation, 5x Magic Wand, 9x Mayan Star Pattern

List of Ingredients needed in quantities:
* Book of spells (12)
* Clues (2)
* Entertainment (2)
* Goodwill (2)
* Idea (4)
* Logic (3)
* Love (4)
* Magic wand (5)
* Mayan star (9)
* Relaxation (5)
* Shooting star (4)
* Wizards wands (11)
Do you think you'll be able to complete the Book Of Mystical Madness in time ? Do you like this item? Share your thoughts and opinion with us by simply leaving a Comment bellow or by visiting our Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat Room. Happy Simming everyone!


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