Monday, 18 March 2013

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Earn +15 Energy Every 16 Hours

If you've managed to complete the Luck O' Simrock Brewery already then you'll have realised why this latest Project Item is one of the most important and beneficial items to ever be released into The Sims Social online Facebook game due to it providing players with +15 Energy every 16 Hours when teamed up with the  4500 Simoleons Lucky Leaf Vineyard that is also currently available from The Sims Social store.

The Lucky Leaf Vineyard gives you the chance to collect three types of Berries (red, green and purple) which can be collected every 5, 10 and 15 minutes that then can be brewed via the Luck O' Simrock Brewery every 16 Hours for your more than daily +15 Energy.

All you have to do is complete both of these items to get started! How far have you gotten? Have you started brewing Free Energy already? Let us know by either leaving a Comment below or by simply visiting our TwitterFacebook, Forum or via our Chat RoomHappy Simming everyone!


  1. To be honest, I don't need anymore energy. I have the 19 most times I come on and then the extra 15 is a bit useless to me because I'm running out of things to use it on.

    I've completed both the vineyard and brewery. While neither are really useful now, I'm sure they'll be great for up coming themes where I won't need to beg energy from friends and can request or send items instead.

    If you want to be technical, though; it's not REALLY 15 free energy. You need to spend three energy to collect the berries so it is only 12 energy per 16 hours.

  2. I'm at the last step! Thanks for the heads-up! :D

  3. woooooooow!!!!!!!!!! great !!!!!!!!!