Wednesday, 20 March 2013

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Fairy Dust Dance Floor Athletic Skill Item

To go alongside the Royal Ball Fairy Spa next week during the Fairy Spa Theme there will be a smaller and less challenging Skill Item to master which comes in the form of this Fairy Dust Dance Floor which will boost your Athletic Skill Level.

Luckily not lots of Ingredients are needed in order to complete this latest luxury dance stage so it shouldn't be too hard to work through for most players. It will also look great in some Simmers luxurious gardens which is exciting in itself but most importantly you'll need to work through it in order to complete the A Spa To Remember Quest which is also due for release this Thursday.

The Fairy Dust Dance Floor will allow you to raise your Athletic Skill Level by +10 whilst boosting your House Value by a small but nice +2000. 47 Simoleons can also be earned when Inspired via its top Burn Up The Dance Floor Mastery Level. You can find the full Ingredients list needed in order to fully complete the Fairy Dust Dance Floor below:

TIP: Start Crafting 2x Zen Crystals in preparation!

Build - 3x Driftwood, 2x Hammer, 10x Fairy Wishes, 10x Bliss, 5x Glamour
Dance To The Beat50x Simoleons, 1x Entertainment
Waltz Around The Dance Floor 40x Social Points, 2x Melody, 3x Fairy Wishes
Learn To Do The Can-Can2x Admiration, 4x Glamour, 4x Fairy Wishes, 3x Entertainment
Learn To Do The Moonwalk100x Social Points, 6x Bliss, 5x Melody, 6x Glitter
Burn Up The Dance Floor8x Bliss, 10x Glitter, 9x Fairy Wishes, 2x Zen Crystal

Admiration x2
Bliss x24
Driftwood x3
Entertainment x4
Fairy Wishes x26
Glamour x9
Glitter x16
Hammer x2
Melody x7
Zen Crystal x2

Are you excited about the release of this latest pretty Athletic Skill Item in The Sims Social? Does your Sim love a good dance and jig with friends? Have you crafted the required Ingredients yet? Discuss your thoughts with us via the Comments section below or alternatively visit our FacebookForumChat Room or Twitter.

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