Wednesday, 20 March 2013

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Fansite Picks | Irish Week

Last week thirteen items were added to The Sims Social store. However only ten new items have been added to The Sims Social store for Irish Week. If you want to get started on the Irish design for your Sims house then you can see what other green looking items have been previously released during the others collections and also you can start to plan out where you are going to place the new selection of Irish items.

As you can see,  we don't have much new furniture on offer, but if you check The Sims Social store you'll find some great decorative pieces, which you can use in the combination with green wallpapers and tiles.

The New Irish Items include:

Luck O' Simrock Brewery - Free
Lucky Leaf Vineyard - 4500 Simoleons
Lucky Leaf Wallpapers - 5 SimCash
Lucky Leaf Tiles- 2 SimsCash
McPixie Wallpaper - 150 Simoleons
McPixie Tiles - 50 Somoleons
St Patrick's Day Cake - 400 Simoleons
Lucky Leprechaun - 200 Social Points
Lucky Plant - 200 Simoleons
Pot O' Gold - 29 SimCash
WWF Panda - 35 SimCash
Bounty Roll - Free
McPixie Marable - 75 Simoleons

Remember that there are also the eight brand new Lucky Leaf Mystery Box Items available to try and collect to give you even more options to decorate your Littlehaven homes with.

What do you make with this week selection of items ? What you like the most ? Share your thoughts with us and others readers by either leaving Comment bellow or by visiting our Facebook, Forum, Chat Room or Twitter. Happy simming everyone !


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