Friday, 22 March 2013

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Female Fairy Spa Week Clothing

This week in Sim's Ladies fashion we have a new clothing collection with TWO pretty choices! The first dress (bought with Simoleons- YAY!) we think is a prettier choice. The blue dress has a more romantic feel to it. This one has several accessories that would go with it including a rose choker, white ballet slippers, and numerous jewelry choices like possible pearl earrings and a bracelet!

The second dress as you can see is available with SimCash only (but least we got a choice this week!). We think it more closely resembles a Prom dress, which if that's your thing then go ahead and run wild with it. We think the blue dress looks more "fairy-ish" than the pink version. We chose a beautiful up-swept hairstyle to go with it, that again has a romantic feel, but is however purchased with SimCash but a number of other hairstyles also go well with the dress (it was hard choosing due to the shear selection we have now!).

Don't be afraid to play around with your look. Fortunately, there are tons of choices available that would go well with this week's quest! Go back to the shop and your storage to see what's there! What look have YOU come up with for your Sim this week ladies? Let us see or tell us by commenting below or by simply
visiting us via TwitterFacebookForum or our Chat Room to send us any other suggestions you may have that show your romantic side! Above all, have fun & Happy Simming everyone!


  1. i love it very pretty and lady like for party ,dance etc....

  2. I liked the blue dress as well (it looks like the one Giselle wore in the movie Enchanted!). I bought it for 15,000 social points though, not simoleons.

  3. Its not simoleons... Its social points that buy the green/turqouis dress.