Thursday, 14 March 2013

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Female Irish Theme Clothing

This week in Sim's Ladies fashion...again there's only one choice so far for the new collection. It's called the "McPixie Parade Dress" and again is only available with Simcash. I was excited when I first saw the 2 dresses in the Quest Guide (and in my opinion- the prettiest one was available with Simoleans!) but they seem to be waiting to release those. So here's the dress for this week bought with Simoleans:

.                                                      Or you can choose something "Springy" looking.

The ones on the right are purchased with Simoleons. Play around with your Sim's look & maybe give a complete makeover...try a new hairstyle you've never worn before (and/or different color hair!). Go back through your storage and see what's there you may have forgotten about. You may be surprised what you come up with! So what do you think of this week's dress choice for the new quest?

What other options would you maybe add? Take a screenshot of your Sim's new look and let us see what you came up with! We'd love to see what you did! Feel free to leave us a Comment below or visit our TwitterFacebookForum or Chat Room to send us any other suggestions you may have to show your Irish Pride! Above all, have fun & Happy Simming!


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