Thursday, 28 March 2013

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Home of the Month March 2013 Round #4

We know that all of you have been waiting in rapt anticipation for the next list of inductees to make it to the top 25 of the HOTM contest. Wait no longer as we are thrilled to announce the following six (that’s right, six) top home designs and their associated designers for ROUND #4 of the HOTM contest!  As of today’s date there are over 475 entries in total – that is incredible and indicates just how coveted entering, competing for and winning the HOTM competition crown continues to be! The Fansite reaches hundreds of thousands of Sims players from around the world positioning the HOTM contest as the contest to win!  If you are still sitting on the fence as to whether or not you will enter, jump off of the fence now and get those creative juices flowing!  So what are you waiting for? There is still plenty of time to enter and dazzle us with your creativity! 

The staff at the TSS Fansite is truly amazed at the calibre of the entries this month. As we scrolled through all of the designs it was as if we were watching fireworks as all you could hear was, “ooh, ahh, ohh, wow!”  Seriously, all entrants should give themselves a hearty congratulatory pat on the back for a job well done!  

Erica Sparkles – Water Pastels

We loved Erica’s design so much that we named it “Water Pastels”. The beige pastel and complementary blues, the sleek lines, the talented stacking and the overall design layout reflects quality and elegance. The tile work is also noteworthy as the design tricks the eye into seeing three dimensional stairs and a raised swimming pool. Very little Simcash was used in this design, proving once and for all that a quality design does not require the expenditure of hoards of cash (sorry EA).

Eyes – The Egyptian Temple

Any Pharaoh would be proud to offer his god a home such as this. Eye’s Egyptian Temple is a marvellous house for the Sims mythical gods and a perfect place in which to perform rituals, give up offerings and hold festivals. We love the clean bold lines of this design, the colour pallet of aqua’s and vibrant yellows, and the minimalistic detailing.

Tara Pink -  Lucky’s House

Tara Pinks whimsical home boasts a lovely garden roof, a toasty warm interior and fireplace with puffs of smoke emitting from the bottle chimney. We love the overall design and crisp green colours but what we love the most is the watermill and bubbling stream. Using the round bookcases as the waterwheel and the wooden trap doors as paddles is pure genius!  There was no luck involved in Lucky’s House design as this design took talent, creativity and verve!

Vero Campos – Venus

Vero’s ‘Venus’ design with all of the gold and glimmer is befitting of any Greek God.  The Roman goddess of love and beauty is surely at home in this exotic and beautiful paradise.  We can imagine the Gods frolicking in the ocean, dancing on the sparking sand or succumbing to Venus female charms.  Vero uses a variety of design techniques including stacking and grouping.  The green’s offsetting the gold’s together with the exacting symmetry makes this design absolutely stunning.

Lovely Kay’s – My Little Home

As much as we love regality we also adore the cosy comforts of little homes.  Lovely Kay created an adorable and inviting small scale home that any Sim would be proud to own. Kay creates the illusion of two stories by placing the rooms far enough apart to align when the walls are up. She completes this illusion by stacking Spatacula Low End Tables to form the wrap around upper level deck and roof. Kay’s artful selection of flowers, trees and shrubbery to adorn the grounds compliments the cosy home and makes this a truly remarkable design.

Alecra M – The House

Alecra’s house is quite the house indeed! The icy blues and blacks are absolutely stunning, don’t you think? Alecra was most gracious when the Fansite staff dropped in unexpectedly. She gave us the grand tour pointing out the many unique features of this domicile and she even let us all have dip in her heated pool!  Every room featured ceiling to floor subtle flood lighting and the pools were similarly lit up to make this a feat for the eyes. We did wonder about her electrical bill and Alecra did confide that it is astronomical and that is just one of the reasons she entered the HOTM contest – to help pay for the lighting bill in her Sims home!  

What do you think? Do you love these as much as we do?   Are you going to create your own design and submit it to the HOTM contest? Of course you are! 

I've mentioned stacking and other illusion techniques throughout this post and I am pleased to inform you that soon we will have a dedicated section on The Sims Social Fansite for 'tips and tricks' related to The Sims Social home design. The Fansite is partnering with top designers throughout the Sims Universe to gather the latest and best tutorials and tips available anywhere! Stay tuned for a further announcement!

You Could be Next ! Enter March’s HOTM Contest – there are still 10 days to enter!

Do you want a chance of being crowned the HOTM designer as well as winning 250 Sim Cash? We are accepting HOTM entries from now until March 31, 2013. The winner will be announced on April 10th. In addition to new designs we will be including all of the qualifying designs posted in the old forum for July and August's contest. That's right - this will be the BIGGEST contest in Sims Social history! To enter, simply register at our brand new and improved Sims Social Fansite Forum and post your design(s) to the HOTM March 2013 thread. You may also want to post your 1) Tile Art, 2) Inspirational Homes, 3) Plumbobs Around the World, 4) Fan Art or 5) start your own topic in the forum.

What you need to do to enter:
  • Post a screen shot of your Sims Social Home on the new Sims Social Fansite Forum. (If you include a photoshopped entry you must also include the same design without being photoshopped. Entries must be original and created by the entrant and cannot be copies of someone else’s designs. It is wonderful to be ‘inspired’ by someone else’s work, put please enter your own creative designs in the HOTM contest).
  • Post a link to your Face Book profile. (We need this to award your prize to you should you win. Please remember to include this as many past entries were disqualified because they failed to include this vital information).
  • Post a screen shot of a post to your profile wall showing that you have “shared” one of our Fansite postsNEW: Extra points will be awarded if you also share the HOTM Fansite post.
Entries will be judged using our point system where our Fansite team members will choose their top 25 entries. The top 25 entries will be posted on our Fansite Page from April 1 to April 7th, 2013 to be voted on by you. The top four and winner will be determined through points gained from the number of ‘likes’ they receive from you as well as points afforded by our Fansite staff based on the designs Style, Space, Design, Flow, Composition, Artistic Elements (texture, form, shape, colour, line and tone), Creativity, and Originality regardless of Sim Cash items, house value or use of expert stacking and design techniques.  The winner will be announced on April 10th, 2013. Good luck!

So what are you waiting for? Enter your designs for a chance to win and to be profiled in:
Feel free to chat with on TwitterFacebook, our Forum or via our Chat Room about these amazing designs.

We can't wait to see your HOTM Submissions! Happy designing!


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