Thursday, 21 March 2013

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Houses of Bella | Fairy Spa Week

This week Bella has decorated for the Spa to Remember Week. Colour scheme and decoration wise we feel this is prettier than last week (not just because of the items used from this week's quest, but because it looks like a bit more thought was put into it than the last couple collections). 
We think that it may be difficult if you want to keep both the Royal Ball Fairy Spa and the Fairy Dust Dance Floor in the same location because they're so large (maybe put one in one of your other houses), but we think they'd go well with the items from the Cupid Theme from Valentine's Day. Many of you have turned either your penthouses or your beach houses into gorgeous what about maybe fitting one or both in with those items? After all, they DO both share a "love" theme and magical-ness!

We think maybe a darker coloured flooring in the main part of Bella's House would've set off the lighter coloured new items nicely. What do you think? We also like the new bathroom sink with its open-flower look. Maybe a different wallpaper behind it would showcase it better though. We're also not crazy about the black toilet seat ...wrong place to do a contrast! Bella could have maybe used a wall paper with green in it to utilize the clover toilet.

The new outside table is also nice, although you don't seem to be able to do anything else besides sit at it. So overall, we think Bella's house is improved with the use of this week's quest items over the last couple weeks, as well as the general layout of the rooms, however the yard is a bit cluttered with both the Spa and the Dance Floor there. So what do YOU think of the changes in Bella's house for the new Spa to Remember Theme? Anything different you'd change? Would you add anything from past quests or simplify it? Let us know what you think by leaving a Comment below or by simply following us by visiting our FacebookTwitter, or Chat Room


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