Tuesday, 19 March 2013

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Houses Of Bella | Irish Week

This week, Bella has decorated for the Irish Theme week. To me, this isn't one of Bella's best. The house looks like it was put together in a hurry and is usually more ornate than this. With the Vineyard and the Luck O' Simrock Brewery crammed in the front yard, we think it makes it look crowded. We do like the use of the shamrocks to line the walk-way with however, but we maybe would have set the Leprechaun off to the side surrounded by the shamrocks as well...they ARE Wee-Folks who Do like to stay hidden! We get the idea of highlighting and showcasing the new items for the current theme, however more thought has gone into her home in the past.

Do they maybe have someone new designing her home? We don't know. But it seems almost minimal in the choices and put together in a rush. We also wouldn't have used the shamrock door as a front door. Probably my favourite item from this week is the new bathroom sink (We don't know as though we needed SO many of them that came from the collectible boxes but, hey...sell some! We did.) We maybe would have added some regular doors or different door ways in the house and added some more colour.

What do you think of Bella's house this week? What changes would you make to it or what would you keep? Does it seem like they've not been being as nice as they had been in previous quests? Let us know & comment below! Or follow us by visiting our FacebookTwitter, or  Chat Room


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