Saturday, 30 March 2013

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Houses of Bella | Spell Week

Hi there our fellow Simmers! Here are the screenshots of Bella's house for this week's theme.

We like the HocusPocus Magic Cove in the yard (natural place for it to be!). We think the Charmed Magic Mirror would have perhaps looked better in Bella's bedroom. Moving left to right, we thought Bella's bathroom was unnaturally light coloured compared to the rest of the house.

It seems like too much of a contrast. Maybe she could have used one of the new wallpapers in there to offset
the floor tiles or even paired a new wallpaper with a different floor tile. There are however a lot of good choices in The Sims Social store to choose from for this.

Moving into Bella's bedroom, we LOVE the new bed! But we don't love that it can only be purchased with SimCash. We feel it would be nice if EA could offer us a choice of bought with SimCash and one bought with Simoleans or Social Points. The full-length mirror seems placed hap-hazardly though. We would have either moved the Magic Mirror in there or at least turn the full-length mirror that's there around so it was against a wall and not sort of in the middle of the room. We DO like the new HocusPocus Cabinet and HocusPocus Dresser. The cabinet looks more like an armoire, and as such  fits nicely in the bedroom.

Moving into the living room area, this looks more like what we've been seeing previously where things are put together in a hurry without much thought given to it. A lot of this week's furniture is nice, but most is also purchased with SimCash. Only 8 out of the 16 new items can be bought without the need for the premium currency this week. Maybe they could have used more things from past themes like some of the Victorian-Style furniture would've been nice and maybe a cherry-wood floor.

Outside, more could possibly have been done with the landscaping as far as flowers, bushes, etc. We had some pretty flowers added to the shop from Valentine's Week that would've been really pretty. So all in all, Bella's house is better than some we've seen lately, but more creativity still could be used.

So what do you think of  Bella's house this week? Any changes you'd make? Tell us what you'd change or even post a screenshot of what you did with this week's available items! We'd love to see it! Let us know by either leaving a Comment below or by simply visiting our FacebookTwitter, or Chat Room


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