Monday, 11 March 2013

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How To Obtain Medieval 2013 Week 3 Ingredients

Only a small few new Ingredients have been added to the growing list of Ingredients that can be obtained, collected and gathered in The Sims Social Facebook game for Medieval 2013 Theme this week, we've listed them below :

Bloodstone - Ask Friends or clear Chalice for chance to collect

Obsidon - Ask friends or clear Chalice for chance to collect

Others Ingredients that are required this week include: Duster,Rubber Glove, Goodwill, Elbow Grease, Stone, Plans, Trowel, Brush,Brick, Hammer, Nails, Screws, Exotic Forest Wood, Saw,Power Drill, Love, Varnish, Sponge, Happiness, Paint, Royalty, Paintbrush, Ruler, Hype, Spotlight, Golden Thread, Velvet, Chivalry, Cloth, Admiration, Planks, Golden Thimble, Wisdom, Logic, Deep Thought,Hint, Magic Wand and Hope.

All Ingredients you can ask from your friends or collect by clearing Orbs or Chalices that are lying around the Medieval Castle. Some of others Ingredients above you have the chance to collect from the Projects Items around the Medieval Castle.

Do you know any of other ways in which you can gather any of above Ingredients? Which, if any you struggling to find? Let us know by leaving the Comment bellow or by visiting Facebook Page, Forum, Chat Room or via Twitter. Happy Simming everyone!

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  1. Once the chalices and orbs have been cleared, they have not been regenerating for several days now. :(