Friday, 15 March 2013

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Irish Week Male Clothing

Irish Week hasn't really been a busy collection either for Furniture or Clothing in The Sims Social, as gentlemen we have only one new suit to choose from. We must point out that we're disappointed with such a small choice for male clothing. Unlike of the female clothes, Male Clothing is pretty reasonably
priced, costing only 2500 Social Points. Typical for the Irish style is a red beard. Do not forget to buy it as it costs only 8000 Simoleons.

Irish Week is definitely the week of green colours!
Green green green & kilt - this is in fashion this week .

However, if you dislike this really poorly choice of suits which you can buy in The Sims Social clothing store, you have an option that you can wear suits from the last week, Medieval 2013 Theme. You can choose to be one lovely, romantic Irish man in Medieval clothing. Still, there is one thing you must keep on mind, green is the colour of this week.

McPixie Kilt  - 2500 Social Points

Red Beard - 8000 Simoleons

So dear Simmers, shall we go in the shop and buy a new outfit for your Sims?  Happy St Patricks Day !!!

Are you impressed with small amount of clothing options this week? What you think about prices? Did you purchase anything? What is your Sim wearing around Littlehaven this week ? Let us know by either leaving a Comment bellow or by visiting Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat Room. Happy Simming everyone!


  1. why is this stuff being placed in the freebies section....???? we already knoe all of this rubbish

  2. I'm wearing the Italian clothing with the green vest and a green hat from the Unsinkable theme! Plus green shoes. :)