Friday, 8 March 2013

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Joust Another Arena Project Item

Better late than never, here is the Project Item Guide for the new and main item that you and your Sim will be working through this week during the last week of the Medieval 2013 Theme in The Sims Social. We've had Mazes and Towers but now we're set to train to take on our foes with this well named Joust Another Arena Project Item.

The Joust Another Arena is of course a Jousting battle ground where you can take on your Neighbours and see who can stay on their feet the longest. It will provide you with 52 Simoleons profit when Inspired via its top 'A Seat For Champions' Mastery Level and it is also a three stage Project Item that is needed to be completed for the Like A Princess Quest. You can find the full Ingredients list needed in order to complete the Joust Another Arena below:


Need A Solid Base - N/A
Ack! Get Rid Of The Cobwebs2x Duster
It's So Dirty2x Rubber Glove, 2x Goodwill, 2x Duster
These Stones Wouldn't Do3x Elbow Grease, 3x Obsidon, 4x Stone
One Can Simply Add The Mortar 5x Plans, 4x Trowel, 4x Brush, 7x Brick


Put Up The Paneling 6x Hammer, 3x Nails, 2x Screws, 3x Exotic Forest Wood
Termites! Bring Out The Bug Repellent - N/A
Patch Up Broken Wood6x Saw, 3x Power Drill, 6x Exotic Forest Wood, 6x Love
Scrub The Wood 4x Varnish, 7x Sponge, 4x Happiness, 5x Duster
Add A Lick Of Paint7x Paint, 6x Royalty, 6x Paintbrush, 7x Bloodstone


Polish It Up4x Varnish, 3x Obsidon, 4x Duster
This Needs A Frame5x Ruler, 1x Planks, 6x Exotic Forest Wood
The Side Bar, Please?4x Hammer, 3x Nails, 7x Screws
1, 2 Step7x Exotic Forest Wood, 4x Hype, 7x Royalty, 8x Spotlight
The Red Carpet Is Here!8x Bloodstone, 8x Royalty, 7x Golden Thread, 3x Golden Thimble
Bring Out The Banners 9x Velvet, 7x Chivalry, 8x Cloth, 7x Goodwill
A Seat For The Champions9x Bloodstone, 10x Obsidon, 9x Royalty, 8x Admiration

What do you make of this latest Joust Another Arena Project Item that's available to work on now in The Sims Social? Have you been fighting your Neighbours yet? How far along with completing it are you? Discuss your thoughts with us via the Comments section below or alternatively visit our FacebookForumChat Room or Twitter.


  1. I was wondering how you get a friend's sim upstairs to help you finish the quest?

  2. Are the magic orbs and chalaices supposed to be regenerating? because I only got a set number and then they were gone. And that's the only way to get obsidion or bloodstones. None of the project or skill items drop them either. That said, I LOVE medieval week!!

  3. How can you get so many bloodstones?

  4. unfortunanly is the last stage of this project too hard to finish in time.