Thursday, 14 March 2013

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Lucky Leaf Mystery Box Items

It's been almost one full year since The Sims Social released a new Mystery Box but the fifth edition were released today and with it comes eight brand new exclusive Irish and green themed items all wrapped up in a random white box. The Lucky Leaf Mystery Boxes hold a different pricing structure than the previous Mystery Boxes as for 25 SimCash you get 1 pick, 125 SimCash for five or you can try for the full 10 at 250 SimCash which are quite a bit more expensive. The difference this time around is that if you complete all of the Leprechauns Gift Quests Mini Quests over the period of Irish Week then you will get 10 Free Lucky Leaf Mystery Box chances.

If you are lucky and rich enough to collect all eight of these exclusive items then you will be able to unlock the Ultra Rare Nectar Tasting Table that is worth 99 SimCash and will allow you to drop an Inspired Potion every 8 hours plus raise your House Value by +14,650. We'll have the full details on this item in a future article, you will be able to use the 'Search' bar via The Sims Social Fansite to find it once it's written.

If you want to attempt to buy these new Lucky Leaf Mystery Boxes the simply click on the white Mystery Box icon in the top right of your The Sims Social game screen. It doesn't look like Playfish have changed the way Mystery Box items are received and duplicates are still possible.

The eight Lucky Leaf Mystery Boxes consist of 3x Rare, 3x Uncommon and 2x Common items. Here is a complete list of all of the items available along with the House Value, classification and recommended SimCash value:

Lucky Leaf Gazebo - 149 SimCash - +220,000 House Value
McPixie Shower - 35 SimCash - +5150 House Value
McPixie Fountain - 29 SimCash - +5150 House Value

McPixie Toilet - 990 Social Points - +2700 House Value
McPixie Sink - 3500 Simoleons - +2700 House Value
McPixie Saloon Door - 19 SimCash - +2800 House Value

McPixie Bench - 2000 Social Points - +5350 House Value
McPixie Chair - 1500 Simoleons - +1550 House Value