Monday, 25 March 2013

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Nightshade Silver Mare Driving Skill Item

Here is the next Driving Skill Item that will be available to own and work on in The Sims Social starting on Thursday 28th March for Spells Week called the Nightshade Silver Mare which in our opinion is definitely more of a Pegasus or Unicorn rather than a regular horse but when do things in Littlehaven make much sense?

The only way you'll be able to own this white pony is by completing the Spell It Out Quest as it's a Quest reward and the special feature that it holds is that it will take you to a random Neighbours property just like the Wonderland Looking Glass did last year during the Alice In Wonderland Theme.

The Nightshade Silver Mare will boost your Driving Skill Level by +24 as well as giving you the opportunity to earn 49 Simoleons profit when Inspired via its top 'Full Speed Ahead!' Mastery Level. Below is the full list of Ingredients needed in order to complete it:

Spread Wings And Fly1x Hope
Glide Through The Skies2x Goodwill, 2x Relaxation
Fly Higher3x Admiration, 2x Love, 2x Dreams
Remember To Hold On!3x Love, 1x Bling, 3x Dreams
Avoid Birds, Mountains And Planes3x Goodwill, 3x Logic, 2x Deep Thought
Try To Dip 4x Logic, 2x Entertainment, 3x Dreams
Remain On The Unicorn At All Times5x Memories, 3x Relaxation, 2x Love
Do Not Eat, While Flying3x Admiration, 3x Nightcap, 2x Buzz
Look, No Hands! 3x Entertainment, 5x Dreams, 3x Love, 5x Admiration
Full Speed Ahead! 5x Dreams, 3x Trophy, 5x Goodwill, 2x Entertainment

Full List Of Seperate Ingredients:

Admiration x11
Bling x1

Buzz x2

Deep Thought x2

Dreams x18 
Entertainment x6
Goodwill x10
Hope x1
Logic x7
Love x10
Memories x5
Nightcap x3
Relaxation x5
Trophy x3

Are you excited that a horse / Pegasus will soon be available to own and ride in The Sims Social online Facebook game? What is your current Driving Skill level? Is it your favourite Driving Skill Item so far? Make sure you let us know by discussing it in the Comments section below or alternatively by simply visiting our  Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat RoomHappy Simming everyone !


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