Wednesday, 6 March 2013

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Progressive Provides More Than Energy!

Did you know that you can collect more Ingredients without Energy than your backpack can hold at the moment? Well, you can!

All you have to do is to click on the 'Location' button, choose the 'Progressive Quest House', and when you get there just go in that beautiful Progressive Race Car Bed click on the 'Sleep' action.

Every time you will collect RARE Ingredients like 'Dreams', Dream Inspiration', 'Nightcap' and 'Soft Pillow'!

The 'Dreams' Ingredients has been required a lot more in The Sims Social and we know that players are finding it hard to gather enough in time to complete Project Items and Quests due to only being allowed to requests so many within a 24 hour period.

You can also gain more Ingredients like Water if your Sims like to 'Have a snack' via the Fridge and Relaxation and Entertainment Ingredients also ,if you are play on computer.

All these Ingredients you can gain without using energy and we hope that this latest The Sims Social Tip helps you!

Do you have any other tips to gain Dreams or Dreams Inspiration easily in The Sims Social online Facebook game? Has this tip helped you ? Let us know by either leaving a Comment below or by simply visiting our Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat RoomHappy Simming everyone !


  1. I want the race car bed!

  2. It doesn't seem to be a higher drop rate than just doing the same free actions at my own houses.

  3. I get my dreams from the Meadowshine Magic Well. Also dream inspiration comes from the bed in the castle.

  4. thanks for helpful post :)

  5. In response to your request for tips to gain Dreams, if a player has the Rockadeer, then he/she can use the "Gentle Rock" action without getting bored to get unlimited Dreams.

  6. The Progressive House is great, but I keep getting stuck between the bed and the dresser. So annoying!

  7. The Progressive House is great, but I keep getting stuck between the bed and the dresser! So annoying!