Tuesday, 19 March 2013

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Royal Ball Fairy Spa Project Item

The Royal Ball Fairy Spa will be the main Project Item that us and our Sims will have to complete over the course of the Fairy Spa Theme and is an unusual item if we do have to say so. It's very magical and calming and we're sure the females of Littlehaven who love to live like princesses will love it.

The Royal Ball Fairy Spa is set to be available for Free via The Sims Social store starting from Thursday 21st March 2013 and will have three Project Stages to work through and will boost your House Value by +25,000 if you manage to complete it in time.

The Royal Ball Fairy Spa will allow you to earn 47 Simoleons when Inspired via its top 'Give It A Fairy Flourish' Mastery Level and you can find out a list of all of the Ingredients you'll need in order to complete the Royal Ball Fairy Spa below:

TIP: Start growing and Crafting 4x Bouquet and 3x Zen Crystals in preparation!


Base It On This! 75x Simoleons, 1x Relaxation
Make It Fancy50x Social Points, 1x Marble, 2x Glamour
Put Up The Pillars3x Glitter, 2x Hammer, 3x Marble, 2x Admiration
Build The Ceiling Frame3x Fairy Wishes, 4x Marble, 4x Glamour, 3x Glitter
Fix The Swirly Bar100x Simoleons, 5x Glitter, 3x Steel, 5x Bliss


Chain Hang Low75x Social Points, 2x Steel, 2x Glitter, 1x Admiration
Build The Perfect Swing2x Hammer, 4x Steel, 3x Fairy Wishes, 3x Relaxation
Hang It Up4x Glamour, 2x Hammer, 4x Marble, 4x Admiration
Carve It In Stone6x Marble, 4x Chisel, 6x Glitter, 4x Fairy Wishes
Carve It On Pillars5x Chisel, 8x Glamour, 7x Bliss, 7x Glitter


Hang Up Those Curtains200x Simoleons, 3x Cloth, 1x Goodwill
Paint It Gold6x Glamour, 3x Steel, 5x Glitter, 5x Fairy Wishes
Comfy Comfy Cushions100x Social Points, 6x Cloth, 5x Relaxation, 7x Bliss
Flowers Are All You Need8x Fairy Wishes, 8x Glitter, 8x Glamour, 4x Bouquet
Give It A Fairy Flourish!10x Fairy Wishes, 10x Glitter, 10x Bliss, 3x Zen Crystal

Admiration x7
Bliss x29
Bouquet x4
Chisel x9
Cloth x9
Fairy Wishes x33
Glamour x32
Glitter x49
Goodwill x1
Hammer x6
Marble x18
Relaxation x9
Steel x12
Zen Crystal x3

What do you make of this latest twist on a traditional Spa that's available to work on in The Sims Social from Thursday? Does your Sim love a pampering session or is it slightly too feminine for you? Have you crafted the required Ingredients yet? Discuss your thoughts with us via the Comments section below or alternatively visit our FacebookForumChat Room or Twitter.


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