Friday, 8 March 2013

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Royal Marbles Chess Set Logic Skill Item

Just like the Book Of Mystical Madness there is another Logic Skill Item available to work through in The Sims Social this week inside your Medieval Castle which will further boost your Logic Skill Level by a small but important none the less +11.

The Royal Marbles Chess Set  is located in the far Eastern room of the Medieval Castle with the Wizard Mouldywart and is unusually easy to complete and fully level in comparison to previous Skill Items within the Logic category. Presumably due to all of the other Skill / Project Items to work through as well this week. It will also earn you 57 Simolens profit when Inspired via its top 'Protect Your King' Mastery Level.

The Royal Marbles Chess Set will allow you to play giant Chess with your Neighbours and also defeat the Wizard Mouldywart to claim your place as the King or Queen of your Medieval Castle via the It's Reigning Sims Quest. You can find the full list of Ingredients needed in order to complete the Royal Marbles Chess Set below:

Think Strategy - N/A
Learn The Moves - 2x Muse
Become A Tactical Wizard2x Clues, 2x Memory Upgrade
Plan Your Attack3x Wisdom, 3x Logic
Sacrifice Your Pawn2x Deep Thought, 5x Logic
Bring Out The Knights 4x Entertainment, 4x Clues, 3x Fury
Protect Your Queen!4x Hint, 5x Hope, 2x Muse
Send Out A Decoy 5x Chivalry, 5x Revelation, 5x Hint
Protect Your King5x Magic Wand, 7x Royalty, 5x Logic, 6x Wisdom

How far along with completing the Royal Marbles Chess Set are you? Do you like this item? Have you been playing giant Chess with your friends of Littlehaven and winning? Share your thoughts and opinion with us by simply leaving a Comment bellow or by visiting our Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat Room. Happy Simming everyone!


  1. i cant invite a friend to play. how can i do that????

  2. Help me please! and "built the royal throne of simelot". then says that I have to click on the throne and "take the place that belongs to me." But when I click on "take the place that belongs to me" does not work that interaction is gray, not yellow like the others, it's like she's dead: (please answer me and tell me if I'm missing something ... help ..... not that time is .... thanks!