Saturday, 30 March 2013

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Spell Week Male Clothing

A week of spells has arrived in The Sims Social. This week we have Spell Week which offers a wonderful, romantic and irresistible outfit for our male Simmers.

New Male Collection:

Charmed Wizard Outfits - 99 SimCash

Charmed Purple Wings - 30 SimCash

This unique Charmed Purple Wings, with a remarkable appearance, in the combination with Charmed Wizard Outfit will absolutely transform and  complete the look of your Sims.

The colours that are chosen are typical for men of magic and Wizards from tales. The white with blue sparkling, inlaid details, and purple wings are an amazing combination for this week. Unfortunately both of the pieces are available only for SimCash.

We would like to know your opinion about the new Male outfits. What do you like the most? Are they are your favourite colours? What will you buy for your sims this week? What do you think about prices? Do you like this Spells Week male collection? Let us know by leaving the comment below or by visiting Facebook Page, Forum, Chat Room or Twitter. Happy Simming everyone !


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