Tuesday, 26 March 2013

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Spell Week Potion Crafting Guide

What would Spell Week in The Sims Social be without some crazy spells to craft and have the ability to make your Neighbours drink them? It would be poor! That's why we are happy to see that there'll be seven brand new Spells to be able to craft which are not only needed to have fun during the next theme but are needed in order to complete the Spell It Out Quest.

Below you will find details regarding each Potion, what they will do, what Ingredients are needed in order to Craft them and also the overall amount of Ingredients you'll need in order to complete the tasks associated with the theme:

Icarus Potion (x7)
1x Love, 1x Relaxation

BatSim Potion (x8)
1x Admiration, 1x Muse

Bobblehead Potion (x7)
1x Bliss, 1x Peace, 1x Magic Petal, 1x Alchemy

Inside-Out Potion (x7)
1x Fear, 1x Passio, 1x Rock

Firebreather Potion (x7)
1x Magic Petal, 1x Passion, 1x Fire

Grow Potion (x6)
1x Fairy Magic, 1x Alchemy, 1x Magic Petal, 1x Esteem

Awesomesauce Potion
1x Goodwill, 1x Relaxation

The Icarus Potion will give you wings, BatSim Potion will turn you into a Bat, the Bobblehead Potion will give the drinker a huge head, Inside-Out Potion will turn the recipient into a Skeleton, Firebreather Potion will of course allow the drinker to breathe fire and the Grow Potion will enlarge a Sim. We currently don't know what the Awesomesauce Potion will do but from the looks of the Quest it isn't needed and therefore remains a mystery?

Are you excited about the Spells and Potions feature that is heading to The Sims Social on Thursday 28th March? Which will be your favourite Potion? Do you have any idea what the Awesomesauce Potion will do?  Discuss with us and our other readers your thoughts on this upcoming update via the Comments section below or alternatively visit our Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat Room


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