Wednesday, 20 March 2013

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The Sims Social Fansite | FanArt #14

For the past couple a weeks we have been working on new features and competitions to bring The Sims Social Fansite back to life which including a Brand New Forum that will hopefully enhance the great community we have here.

FanArt is another part of this improving The Sims Social Fansite. With an easier way now you can send to us your great FanArt works via the Forum. The only thing we have left to say is that The Sims Social Fansite FanArt is back and it's going to be a bigger and better section than
ever before.

Here is another great piece of FanArt that we've been sent in to us. We believe this image was drawn by hand then reworked via photoshop and represents our Bella as the Devil itself. This work has been made by Cara, named Devil Bella. Do you think that you can made something different but better? If you can then send to us all your works.

We'd love it if you would share your original work with us via our brand new dedicated Fansite Fan Art Forum Category which can be found under 'Artistic Studio' section. We'd also love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the above creation via the Comments sections bellow or simply by visiting our Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat Room! Happy Simming everyone!


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