Wednesday, 27 March 2013

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The Sims Social Fansite FanArt #15

Here at The Sims Social Fansite we try to bring you the best ways to improve your The Sims Social experience. One great way to gain an advantage in our favourite online Facebook game is by being able to participate in contests, community games and competitions, like showing your skills in art.

That's why we here at The Sims Social Fansite have been working for the past several weeks on new futures and competitions to bring you chances to participate in. FanArt is another part of this improving experience, with a now easier way in which you can send to us your great FanArt works via our Brand New Forum. The only thing we have left to say is that The Sims Social Fansite FanArt is back and it's going to be a bigger and better section then ever before.

The Sims Social has many great Simmers, most of whom love to show off their Sims and their other Sim related creations. This special creation that we've been sent in to us has been made by Mikhail, Superstar in the design of virtual Littlehaven houses. His outfits from the Sims Fairytale is one great masterpiece we thought we'd bring you and another awesome Mikhail creation. We love all of his Sim outfit creations below but our favourite is for sure Natsu Dragneel.

The other great piece of FanArt that we've been sent in to us which is placed at the top of this post is The Cintra's Social. We believe this image was drawn by hand then reworked via photoshop and represents two Simmers in action. This work has been made by the Cintras.

Can you do something better than this ? If you can then just join to us via our Forum, click on the Artistic Studio section and then FanArt section. We'd also love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the above creations via the Comments section below or by visiting our Twitter, Facebook, Forum or Chat Room. Happy Simming everyone!


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