Wednesday, 20 March 2013

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The Sims Social Fansite | Last Chance For Panda

This cute little panda will only be in shops
for two more days! Remember for every
Panda item sold The Sims Social will donate
a minimum of $1.40 to WWF to help them
continue to protect endangered animals like
the Panda! Panda cost only 35 SimCash,
and simply looks wonderful.
Panda is currently available in The Sims Social
store and it's promotional  price for a  limited time..
It's yours last chance to get your own Panda!

Do you like this Item? What you think about Panda? Is she cute ? Will you buy this Item ?
Did you already purchased Panda?
Share your thoughts with us and others readers by either leaving Comment bellow or by visiting
our Facebook, Forum, Chat Room or Twitter.
Happy simming everyone !


  1. Where in the shop ?????????????????????????????????

  2. This Panda is not show in the shop.

  3. Pandas are nasty tempered creatures. Simcash is expensive. If I wanted $1.40 to go to the WWF I would send it there myself.

  4. cant find it in the store :-(

  5. I don't see this panda in the sims social store, I have looked each time I see the advertisement and still can't find it :(

  6. ? is it still available? I cannot find it in my shop..... screen shot would help, thank you.

    (Level 160, so, should have most things unlocked...?)

  7. where?!?!?!?! :( i love pandas but i can't find it!

  8. Okay, but where in the shop can it be found? What countries are even allowed to buy this?

  9. i cant find it either. i looked everywhere. im on level 91.

  10. Nope. No pandas to be found.

  11. Guys the panda is under decorations. This is an item not a pet!

  12. I have not seen nor heard about this until just now. TSS has done a lousy job, apparently, of advertising it to raise funds for WWF. I would think it would come up in the shop at the beginning as a "new" item.

  13. can t find in both UK and AU