Monday, 18 March 2013

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The Sims Social Roof Tutorial Guide

The purpose of this edition is to show how great stacking can be in The Sims Social and ultimately what can be achieved if you put in the hard work and time. With using this particular technique you can show astonishing creativity and you can simple try and emulate various different ways in which you can set up your The Sims Social house even with the Roof in only a few steps we'll show you how you can make a Roof on your The Sims Social house.

Tutorials Roof

1. - Place your room, put a door and a window
2. - Items Needed: Refrigerators, Rug, Tables
3. - Place the tables above the refrigerators. Choose any tables what you like to use.
4. - Place a Rug under the Fridge. Move the rug inside the room.
5. - Fill the whole room with rugs.
6. - Sell the Rugs !!
7. - Walls up !!
8. - Decorate!


  • Remember that you cannot enter the room once the roof is in place.
  • Add Refrigerators depending on the size of the table you want to use.
  • You can stack another level of roof or add any items above.
  • Combine different tables for better results.

Do you like this latest The Sims Social construction Guide? What you think about this ? Will you try to build your own Roof on your The Sims Social house? Let us know by either leaving a Comment below or by visiting our Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat RoomHappy Simming everyone!

Thanks to HousesOfMikhail for the image


  1. If I cannot enter the once the roof is in place, the house isn`t
    a house for my sim.