Tuesday, 19 March 2013

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The Sims Social Tile Art #34

How many of you out there are Twilight fans & do you miss it now that it's over? I personally have been a fan for a long time (I originally put off reading the books as I thought they were just for pre-teens, but caved in to see what all the hype was about & was hooked!). I'd love to see a Tile Art done w/ both of them if it was possible...How about you?  So for all of you Twilight fans out there, these are two Tile Art creations by Stephen23 of Edward and Bella.

What was your favourite Twilight book/movie? Would you have the series continue if you could? Share you opinions regarding these creations with us and our readers via FacebookTwitterChat or you can alternatively leave a Comment below. If you have a Tile Art creation you'd like to share with the world, then upload it to our brand new redesigned The Sims Social Fansite Forum under the 'Artists Studio' section and it could feature here in the coming weeks. Happy Simming everyone!


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