Thursday, 4 April 2013

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Be Boppity Bop Athletic Skill Item

Meet Be Boppity Bop, he's the groovy dancing robot that we'll all be meeting, playing and learning with throughout Pop Week and for the Sim Sensation Quest who also turns out to be the latest Athletic Skill Item in The Sims Social.

For the price of 3500 Social Points this robotic mover and shaker can and will be yours, he'll provide a healthy +7700 House Value to your total and has the ability to not only boost your Athletic Skill Level by +25 but he can also earn you 58 Simoleons profit when Inspired via his top 'Learn Moves Like Simmers' Mastery Level.

His nickname is B-Bop and he's a welcome addition to the online virtual world of The Sims Social in our eyes. We love him. You can find the full Ingredients list needed in order to complete Be Boppity Bop below:

Learn The Body Wave - N/A
Learn How To Do A Head Spin - 2x Relaxation
Learn To Do The Windmill 3x Entertainment, 4x Muse
Learn The Crip Walk 3x Sound Sample, 3x Water, 4x Groove
Learn To Do The Soulja Sim3x Stopwatch, 4x Muse, 3x Buzz
Learn How To Krump It 3x Hype, 4x Peach, 5x Love
Learn The Disco Hustle5x Dreams, 5x Entertainment, 6x Amplifier
Learn The Simnom Shake6x Love, 4x Stopwatch, 6x Water Bottle
Learn The Sim Hammer 6x Cloth, 8x Peach, 4x Buzz, 6x Gym Shoes
Learn Moves Like Simmers 8x Hype, 8x Peace, 10x Water Bottle, 6x Muse

Are you excited about the release of this latest Robot and Athletic Skill Item in The Sims Social? Does your Sim love a good dance and jig with friends? Discuss your thoughts with us via the Comments section below or alternatively visit our FacebookForumChat Room or Twitter.


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