Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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Fansite Picks | Pop Week

Last week eleven items were added to The Sims Social store. However this week there have been 24 added   for Pop Week.

If you want to get started on the new design for your Sims House, and bring a whole new look of your Pop Star crib in Littlehaven, then you can  also start to plan where you are going to put the new selection furniture.

New Pop Week Items:

Sim-Pop Trampoline Pool - Free
AlmostFamouse Shower - 129 SimCash
X-Factor Dressing Table - 2000 Simoleons
AlmostFamouse DJ Console- 25 000 Simoleons
AlmostFamouse Fridge - 2500 Simoleons
AlmostFamouse Stereo- 1250 Social Points
Sim-Pop Wallpaper - 7 SimCash
AlmostFamouse Chair - 1200 Social Points
X-Factor Wallpaper - 7 SimCash
X-Factor Sound Tower - 8000 Simoleons
AlmostFamouse Tile - 2 Social Points
X-Factor Tile - 25 Simoleons
PartyNight Drinks - 45 SimCash
X-Factor Dance Floor - 1 SimCash
Be Boppity Bop - 3500 Social Points
NightLife Checkered Light - 1400 Simoleons
NightLife Spotlight - 600 Social Points
NightLife Checkerd Tube - 35 SimCash
NightLife Wall Light - 45 SimCash
AlmostFamouse Confetti Gun - 2000 Social Points

What do you make with this weeks selection of items? What do you like the most? Share your thoughts with us and others readers by either leaving Comment bellow or by visiting our Facebook, Forum, Chat Room or Twitter. Happy Simming everyone!


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