Wednesday, 3 April 2013

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Fansite Picks | Spells Week

Last week ten items have been added to
The Sims Social shop.
Almost all of the previously added items which we had, had very soft and gentle blue colours.
However the Spells Week is truly refreshing for us.
This week 18 new items have been added in The Sims Social shops. As you can see the new selection of spell items are mostly furniture and wallpapers. The whole selection of furniture is simply stylish, elegant with deep brown and purple colours. The wallpapers are something what will give the magical touch on your walls, make a lasting impressions.
                                 New Items  List :
                               • HocusPocus Magic Cove - Free
                               • Charmed Magic Mirror - 600 Simoleons
                               • HocusPocus Cabinet - 3000 Simoleons
                               • HocusPocus Dresser - 1000 Simoleons
                               • HocusPocus Lounge Chair - 25 SimCash
                               • HocusPocus Bed 100 SimCash,
                                     • HocusPocus Desk - 1000 Simoleons
                               • HocusPocus End Table - 9 SimCash
                               • HocusPocus Side Table - 9 SimCash
                               • HocusPocus Portrait - 35 SimCash
                               • HocusPocus Light - 10 SimCash
                               • HocusPocus Lamp - 500 Simoleons
                               • HocusPocus Carpet - 500 Social Points
                               • HocusPocus Wallpaper - 2 SimCash
                               • McJinx Wallpaper - 100 Simoleons
                               • Charmed Wallpaper - 75 Social Points
                               •. Pinku No Bonsai - 35 SimCash
                               • Gaia Spirit Tree - 85 SimCash, 
                                 on discount 30% off, only 60 SimCash.

If you want to get started on a new design for your Sims Houses then it is now time to start plannig. Don't miss out to buy from our shop the really absolutely amazing HocusPocus Bed.

What do you make with this week selection of items ? What you like the most ? Share your thoughts with us and others readers by either leaving Comment bellow or by visiting our Facebook, Forum, Chat Room or Twitter. Happy simming everyone !


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