Monday, 1 April 2013

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Home of the Month March 2013 Round #5

HOTM round #5 is finally here and we are thrilled to induct four more house designs and designers into the HOTM Hall of Fame as members of the top 25 designs for the March 2013 contest! As of today’s date there are over 480 entries in total – this breaks our all-time record! Talk about coming back with a bang! Of course, part of the popularity of the HOTM competition is the fact that the Fansite which reaches hundreds of thousands of Sims players from around the world making the HOTM contest as the contest to win!  If you are wondering if it is too later to enter – it’s not! All entries not profiled in this month’s contest have a chance in being chosen for April 2013 HOTM contest. So roll up your sleeves and get creative!

Entries will be judged using our point system where our Fansite team members will choose their top 25 entries. The top 25 entries will be posted on our Fansite Page from April 1 to April 7th, 2013 to be voted on by you. The top four and winner will be determined through points gained from the number of ‘likes’ they receive from you as well as points afforded by our Fansite staff based on the designs Style, Space, Design, Flow, Composition, Artistic Elements (texture, form, shape, colour, line and tone), Creativity, and Originality regardless of Sim Cash items, house value or use of expert stacking and design techniques.  The winner will be announced on April 10th, 2013. Good luck!

We continue to be razzle-dazzled by the artistry, creativity and wow factor of the submissions to the HOTM contest! Honestly, as far as we’re concerned, all of the designs submitted deserve honourable mention.

Mikhail’s – Bistre/Khaki

We love featuring Mikhails designs as he clearly demonstrates, over and over again, that excellent designs do not require stacking or other illusion techniques. Although Mikhail is an expert stacker, grouper and illusionist we love this ‘Bistre/Kjaki’ design for its seemingly ‘feng  shui’ positioning of the home and other complementary elements. Mikhail uses the ‘qi’ or life force to orientate the structure and manages the polarity though principles of Yin and Yang.  The staff at the Fansite have only one question for Mikhail – “When can you come and visit us to decorate our homes?”

Erica’s – Stairway to Heaven

Erica’s design is simply sublime.
Oh my, did that rhyme?
The beige and the pink,
makes a design that’s in sync
The canopy roof,
is likely rustproof
The interesting depth illusion,
Design techniques in profusion
All in all this creation,
reflects beauty and sophistication!

LEQ’s – The Penthouse

LEQ’s design is reminiscent of the staircase scene in George Lucas's film Labyrinth. As we often do, we visit designers to check out their properties first hand. Although we are certain LEQ would have been most gracious, we were concerned about the lack of stair railings and, um, walls (or ceilings for that matter)! LEQ manages to create a basement illusion whilst stacking stairs to a second floor. The stacking in this design is exceptional – don’t you agree?  This design is whimsical, edgy, minimalist and balanced. We also love the white, black and purple colour palette.  

Jen’s - Tokyo

OMG – I mean really! Jen manages to create a  Tokyo cityscape using painstaking stacking and other design techniques. Fences and cupboards double as building windows and walls and TV’s and artwork as commercial billboards. Check out the detail – Jen has overlooked nothing! Now, go and Google Tokyo and you will be amazed at how close this design is to the real thing! 

What do you think? Do you love these as much as we do?   Are you going to create your own design and submit it to the HOTM contest?

I've mentioned stacking and other illusion techniques throughout this post and I am pleased to inform you that soon we will have a dedicated section on The Sims Social Fansite for 'tips and tricks' related to The Sims Social home design. The Fansite is partnering with top designers throughout the Sims Universe to gather the latest and best tutorials and tips available anywhere! Stay tuned for a further announcement!

Do you want a chance of being crowned the HOTM designer as well as winning 250 Sim Cash? We are accepting HOTM entries from now until March 31, 2013. The winner will be announced on April 10th. In addition to new designs we will be including all of the qualifying designs posted in the old forum for July and August's contest. That's right - this will be the BIGGEST contest in Sims Social history! To enter, simply register at our brand new and improved Sims Social Fansite Forum and post your design(s) to the HOTM March 2013 thread. You may also want to post your 1) Tile Art, 2) Inspirational Homes, 3) Plumbobs Around the World, 4) Fan Art or 5) start your own topic in the forum.

What you need to do to enter:
  • Post a screen shot of your Sims Social Home on the new Sims Social Fansite Forum. (If you include a photoshopped entry you must also include the same design without being photoshopped. Entries must be original and created by the entrant and cannot be copies of someone else’s designs. It is wonderful to be ‘inspired’ by someone else’s work, put please enter your own creative designs in the HOTM contest).
  • Post a link to your Face Book profile. (We need this to award your prize to you should you win. Please remember to include this as many past entries were disqualified because they failed to include this vital information).
  • Post a screen shot of a post to your profile wall showing that you have “shared” one of our Fansite postsNEW: Extra points will be awarded if you also share the HOTM Fansite post.
So what are you waiting for? Enter your designs for a chance to win and to be profiled in:
Feel free to chat with on TwitterFacebook, our Forum or via our Chat Room about these amazing designs.

We can't wait to see your HOTM Submissions! Happy designing!


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