Friday, 5 April 2013

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Houses of Bella | Pop Week

Good day to all our fellow Simmers! This week's theme, Pop Week shows Bella's house decked out like a dance club!

Starting in the bathroom, The walls have been decorated using the new SimPop wallpaper which is available for 7 SimCash.  There are 3 new floor tiles, with the floor using the 'X-Factor' tile (1 SimCash each). They also added the new 'Almost Famous Shower' costing 79 SimCash. Together we think it's a bit glitsy, but at least there's a normal toilet, mirror and sink and at least it all matches!

Moving into the rest of the house starting in the bedroom, again, the new tiles and wallpaper. Most of the new items this week can only be purchased with Simcash. We think it's interesting how they brought back a few items from the past New Years Party Theme to re-add to this week's like the 'Partynight Drinks' wall bar, and a couple of different party lights. But hey! We're all for recycling! We always suggest going back into storage to see what can be reused!

The stereo equipment is new, but really big and bulky, although if you want to try and make your home look more like a dance club, there would and should be that sort of sound equipment there. We do like the new, 'Almost Famous Confetti Gun' as it sends confetti over the whole house. We think that in favour of putting together an entirely matching-themed house this week, Playfish seems to have skimped on the yard outside. We personally would have maybe built the club outside instead of throughout the whole house, but then again some people like a more realistic-looking house.

So what do you think of Bella's house this week? What would you have changed or added? Do you like the new items available this week, and if so, how did you incorporate them into your homes? Let us know by either leaving a Comment below or you can simply visit us on FacebookTwitter, or via our Chat Room


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