Wednesday, 24 April 2013

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How To Copy Wall-Post URL Before Posting

Here is a very simple solution whereby you can post a wall post more than once per day. On this way you do not need to wait 24 hours to post the next wall posts:

                                                Step 1.

*Right Click on the on the Feed you want to save 
 /highlighted blue

                                               Step 2.

*A lot of options should appear select “ Inspect Element”

                                              Step 3.

*When you do that this line should appear automatically 
highlighted “<div Class="unclickableMask"> </ div>. “ 
if not just look for it and select it.

                                             Step 4.

*Once you have the line selected right click on it and 
either click the "Delete Node", that should appear once 
you right clicked it or just hit delete on your keyboard.

                                           Step 5. 

*Now go back to your original Feed and you can now 
copy that link by right clicking on the feed post picture 
and selecting copy link address thereby saving you feed 
in case it cannot post.

                                          Step 6.

*In the event of wall post error just paste that link as 
your status and receive your items once clicked by others.

Note : This tip is to copy from wall-posts before posting on your wall, in case you get an error while posting or if you want to share it somewhere else!

We hope that this tip will keep your backpack well stocked!

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